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Health risk assessment


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We have to do what's called a health risk assessment to qualify for lower rates on our health insurance. You have blood drawn, blood pressure checked, waist/hip measurements done, etc.

So I just got the results back this a.m., and I scored a 100 percent perfect score -- other than the fact that it was suggested that I see my doctor for possible "anorexia or other weight issues." I definitely don't have anorexia or bulimia. Liver/kidney function/etc. completely normal.

The only thing I thought odd was my fasting blood glucose was 91, and it has never ever been over 80, my total cholesterol was 153 (much lower than my normal of 180s), and my bilirubin was in the high range, at 1.4 -- which is only .2 higher than the normal range. I figure the glucose is running higher because my metabolism is super high, and it also says in the informational section we get with our blood tests that bilirubin can be high if your metabolism is abnormal.

I am just amazed that at a company of more than 700 employees, I have the best score -- only a dozen or so others achieved this. And yet, I feel like I am SO unhealthy. What irony.

Also, has anyone here noticed a higher than your usual (but still normal) blood glucose since having POTS? I just had a fasting glucose done 10 months ago and it was 67. I just worry about diabetes, because my dad had it and now my uncle just developed it, so it seems to run strong in our family. Do glucose levels vary this much normally?


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Guest tearose

Amy, as you know, our test results can be erratic and recently I had a glucose level of 125. Upon follow-up it was back to a normal range. Where that came from is only a guess. So yes, your sugar levels can look bad and you are not truly in trouble.

As for the "perfect score" that is frustrating but also good to know you are not considered an increased risk to the insurance company, right? You want to be well however you don't want anyone to diminish how you struggle to present yourself in good health. The mention of an eating disorder was probably generated by a computer since you are of slight weight and build. No person who knows you and your history would say that.

Well, hopefully you will qualify for lower insurance and don't fret the rest.

take care, reporting from the pit, tearose

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I love it!

It must feel good to have that 100% score at least.

My sugar levels were all over the place postpartum (during pregnancy very stable), but abnormally high in particular, postpartum. I started worrying about diabetes, too! I believe that part of the flight-or-flight response is to increase blood sugar. Since we are pumping out more adrenaline than needed, I think that is at least part of the explanation.

I know you feel unhealthy b/c you are unwell--it's the paradox of POTS/dysautonomia. Actually, you ARE apparently quite healthy--but very unfortunately, disabled by POTS.

Just to reiterate, I started to see a lot of improvement in the 2nd year post-partum. I hope that happens for you too.


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