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Does Anyone Else Here Have Abnormally High Ejection Fraction?


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I know that 40% or less is (in the UK at least) considered to indicate "heart failure". I think that "normal" is about 50-60%.

Mine showed an ejection fraction of 80% on one echo - my cardio just said that it showed that my heart was pumping very hard (but very efficiently) to try to keep my BP up.

Now that my BP isn't so low my ejection fraction has come down to 65%.


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My Dr. Said he didn't like it. He and I just got finished battleing over the risk verses benifits of the med I'm on, and I got my wish. (to stay on it) So I didn't want to pursue any "issues".

A search provided all negative feedback. Hepatic failure being one cause. Since I have had Hepititus C for 34 years, I did not like seeing that.

It so happens I moved in Nov. and I'll be getting a new GI and EP .

Not so sure I want to see either one of them.

I have various side effects from my Med, or at least -we think. I do not want to get off the med and see if the issues clear up because I expect to be nonfunctioning- off the med. I need to work , I'm a single mom.

I hoped low blood volume , or low BP might do it.

Ah well , "I'll keep you posted".

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A few years ago, I had a stress test with the thallium and I had a very high ejection fraction...around 75 percent, I recall. For a variety of reasons, I was considered to have "failed" that stress test. No one mentioned than abnormally high ejection fraction, but I believe it can be a sign of early diastolic dysfunction. Just back in the spring, I had an echocardiogram. MY EF on that one came back at 49 percent, I recall. Again, no one particularly mentioned this fact, but it's something that I plan on bringing up at my appointment next month. For the record, I have the clinical signs of congestive heart failure...I constantly fight to keep fluid off my lungs.

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My ejection fraction is 75%, which is a really good thing, it just shows the heart is pumping efficiently! The ejection fraction is the percent of the total volume in the left ventricle that the heart pumps out to the body with each contraction. The more it's able to pump out, the better! I have never heard of a high ejection fraction being a problem... it's when it's low that the heart is showing failure, the inability to pump enough blood out to the body. If your EF is high, count your blessings!

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I had to google that one and it said 55% to 75% is normal. That above 75 could indicate a heart problem.

I was nieve about this and when I had an echo and I saw the 60% which I was huffing and puffing all the way up to the department to have the test taken, I thought that my heart was damaged or something. I was under the impression that the goal was 100%.

I really wish they would explain more of these test results.

I was terrified in the first place because a nurse told me my heart was enlarged and I had high lung pressure. When I went to my internist and told him I'd found out my heart was enlarged he got the records and reviewed them and said, "This is a normal echo."

I for an entire 24 hours thought I was doomed basically and since then (last spring) have thought I was on my way to heart failure and that everyone was just not telling me.

I'm glad that this is within norm and that hopefully since I'm feeling a bit better and a little more active it has improved a bit since my initial echo.

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