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Severe Tachycardia


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whoops sorry!!!!! (i do not know how i got this post on twice, but i don't know how to delete the secomd entry)

I know that the tachycardia is the main symptom of pots, but I wonder just how you cope with it all of the time .. I tire of it daily .. meds did not work on it and so I have to keep stopping what I am doing and lay down to get the tachy to stop ...

even when I sit to get washed and dressed the tahcy is still there 150 washing and cleaning my teeth ? 140 putting on my bra, and so on , I get breathless if I don't stop .. it appears that upper body movement also causes tachy! any movement infact !..

I can't sustain it all day and have to keep sitting - lying down, which I have become accustomed to after having it for nearly three years now, day in day out, never had one single day free of it ....

how many of you have to use a wheelchair indoors .?. Does it help ? ? I have to use one to go around a shop .. I have already posted a lot about this on ( Stacie?s wheelchair thread ) .....

but in the morning I am floored by the incessant tachy, constantly every morning, when I wake I think here goes as soon as my feet touch the carpet ....

I know what I am saying is all POTS .. but I still wonder do you all feel the same ? do you use wheelchairs indoors ? Most importantly does it help ? do you all get the tachy even though you are sitting to wash and dress ? ..

I am having one of those days when I feel im the only one ....

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