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Chest Pain When Breathing


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Well I had to come of a course of Augmentin last week because I couldn't keep anything down/in then had to be admitted to hospital for IV fluids for a couple of days... Since coming out I've developed a flu-type thing and now got chest pain when I'm breathing.

I've heard chest pain is a dysautonomia thing... should I be worried? Or might this be something else?

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Yes, chest pain can be a part of dysautonomia (I have at least some tightness and pain every day, in varying degrees). If this pain that you're having is the same as what you've experienced before, I wouldn't be too worried about it, but if it's worst, or persistant (especially if the chest pain normally comes and goes), I would get it checked out, especially since you've had a recent illness.

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if it is like the same flu like thing I had I ended up with chest pain, couldn't breathe and pneumonia. It took two round of antibotics . Two different ones and I still have no energy to do anything but stay in bed. You can't fool around with our condition. Take care sweets and call your dr.~



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As you have got some sort of infection going on I wonder if your pain might be pleuritic (from the membranes covering the lungs rubbing against each other instead of gliding smoothly). Pleurisy can follow any infection of the respiratory system and causes pain on breathing. I have had it twice and it is horrible but does eventually settle down.

Another thing that seems quite common is to get inflammation of the cartlidge between a rib and the breastbone. This causes pain on breathing but also if you press on the affected area.

I think that you should call your doctor and get this latest symptom checked out.

Hope you feel better soon,


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