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Update On My Lyme Treatment

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As some of you know I am being treated for lyme. Although I have had pots for over 3 years the lyme dx is new. I have completed one month of doxy. I am now going to do a month of doxy and levaquin. For the first two weeks of treatment i felt okay, some pots symptoms but very manageable. Two weeks into the treatment I started to get very potsy. It felt terrible to be on my feet, chest discomfort, dizzy, overwhelming sensation that I needed to lie down, off balance,hard to sleep, restless leg, bloating, blue feet, etc. These symptoms have continued. Now some of you feel that way everyday but I don't. I have had days when it was difficult to drive and that hasn't been around for a couple of years. My Cardio dr is seeing me monthly and when doing posturals (poor man's tilt kind of) my heart rate did go up 20 points from sitting to standing. Normally this is well controlled for me by my meds. I took this as confirmation that I am in a pots flare and a pretty bad one for me. My lyme dr, a neurologist feels this is a response to the lyme treatment. However we all agree that it is hard to know for sure since my health can have good and bad phases. But this is pretty bad. Adding in the second antibiotic may make this even worse but again, this is part of the process of treating the lyme. Levaquin can affect your heart rhythm so I had and will have EKGs. For now I will add in some more florinef to help my body cope. Stay tuned!

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Hi, I know we had a post on this recently, but Levaquin is one of the black box warning antiboitics. I took it and will never allow anyone I know or in my familly to take it. I live with joint pain and my pain was so bad at the er it looked like I had run a marathron. The levaquin was breaking down my muscles. Please read about this drug before you take it.

When I was treated for Lyme Doxycyline was all that was needed. I was told this by two doctors, We did it as Lyme doesn't always show up in a blood test.

I wish you the best and don't mean to scare you. Just don't want to see this happen to you.


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The levaquin is for a co infection, bartonella. I am aware of the tendon issue but I will look into it further. There doesn't seem to be a lot of evidence that the iv is better than the oral, according to the limited data. Because I was reacting to the meds that is taken as a sign of the doxy being effective. We will evaluate again after a month. Thanks ladies!

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