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Heart Rate Dippin Not Quite Bradycardia


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Hi all .. i wonder if anyone else experiences this ... i seem to have become intolerant to beans .. laughable really .. also to wheat products porridge weetabix ... all of them are leaving my stomach feeling heavy a though i am overloaded, unpleasant and this intern agravates my heartburn .... three time now i have had servere stomach cramps when i have eaten beans ... later on after they have been in the system for a while ... i get cramps followed by severe diaorea .. (sorry)not nice i know ...

but the strange thing is my heart rate dipps right down to 59 /69 .. and it is never this low, I always have fast heart rate all of the time ... I just wondered why it reacts like this to the stomach aches ... and why i have become intolerante to some foods ..... any ideas ....


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Guest tearose

If I have eaten a large meal or something that is not digesting well, my body goes into overdrive to try to deal with it and I can wind up sleepy, with nausea...

What then happens to me can be a variety...I will run low hr and need to sleep, or because I am trying to push my body and be active and it is trying to digest food, I will get runs of high hr or, in the worst case, my stomach will not digest the food and I will end up not digesting it at all and get gastroparesis symptoms.

It may NOT be an allergy but that you cannot tolerate the wheatabix at the time of day you are trying to digest them. I would have more trouble in the morning when my bp is low. I would do better later to eat that much fiber.

Try a different time of day!

hang in there,


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Please read the other post that's currently on the board right now, and that'll explain the part about the bradycardia, which you seem to realize that your HR numbers don't fall into a bradycardia state (normal HR 60-100 bpm). But, your HR is low for YOU, and that can indicate a problem. If you think you may have an allergy to certain foods, you should go see an allergist and be tested. Allergies can really wreak havoc on all of your body's systems, even your BP and HR, and make you feel downright miserable.

Hope you feel better soon, and let us know what you find out!



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I'm a dipper in all areas and the doc said it's just me. I thought I was in brady but he said no it just feels very different for you. we are suppose to eat many small meals and not large ones as they play havoc on us.


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