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Received Lab Results Today: 1:320 Ana, More Tests Needed


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Hello everyone!

I've been trying to feel better and look for work. With my aches and pains and fatigue, I've had some blood tests and my Rheumatologist followed up on a more detailed ANA and it was positive at 1:320.

I'm so worried this is Lupus as I have a few other symptoms (fatigue, aches/pains, nose sores on and off), but my doctor wants me to get more blood work next week, which I will and won't know anything until after that comes back. It's more detailed into what autoimmune disorder I may have.

I'm having to spend a good $500 out of pocket on these tests already this year (new deductible) and that hurts. So I do need to find work, and I'm trying. I guess I just didn't need this new thing dumped on me. I'm just learning to deal and function enough with POTS. :)

My doctor understands my need to work (and it's hard with an illness), and not to set myself up for failure. She said no job with travel and crazy hours. My prior job did not have travel and I am looking for something similar. It's hard in this economy and you are lucky if you even hear back for an interview. And it looks like I may have an interview in the next week or two.

I'm so stressed about all this I don't know what to do.

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I go through this all the time so I feel for you. Try not to be stressed as that only makes things worse. Many people have a high ANA and have some thing else like raynauds. Here's a link on ANA's:


I hope you can let it go till you get to the doctor. I drove myself nuts with worry, and the doc thought I had Sjogren's syndrome. The meds were all the same for lupus and my PC decided with me that those meds would make me too sick and it was not worth going on.

So, I wish you the best.



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Cat lady, I just wanted to tell you that 6 years ago (before I knew I had POTS). I had a crazy high ANA and the "pattern" was speckled. Johns Hopkins "spun the sample out" - took two weeks. It was not lupus but they didn't know what it was.

Long story short, my ANA test is now fine. Looking back I was having bad problems with mold/allergies at the time.

Sometimes our bodies do strange things. I hope that you will remain hopeful that you do not have Lupus. Maybe this is a little "hiccup" in your blood work.

please keep us posted... I'll be thinking of you...I know this can be scary while you wait to hear.

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Well I have a bit more information. My result was also Diffuse (homogenous)...and it looks like those results are seen in Lupus (SLE) and 'other connective disorders.'

Round two of blood tests this week. So I'm trying to stay calm. Thanks for thinking about me. I very much appreciate that you guys understand and how stressful this can be!

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