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Has Anyone Used Trileptal?


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Yes... I tried it about three years ago. I felt great for two weeks, then got a SEVERE rash from top to bottom and felt horrible. Doctor took me off it right away, but it took three weeks for the rash and other symptoms to go away.

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Thank you for the prompt reply Caron.I decided not to take it before i consult another neurologist.Did you take something else after that?Did it help you?

The doctor suggested trileptal in order to see if my dysautonomia symptoms will go away.He said that if they do,then that is what is causing it.Ofcourse he didn't make any promises.If this doesn't work we'll have to keep looking.What type of symptoms did you have when you were prescribed trileptal?sorry for bombarding you with all these questions.It's just that i've taken antiepileptic treatment before and i got severe acne and migraines which i got rid of a year after i stopped taking it.I'm too scared to go through that again.

kind regards


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