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Blood Pressure Fluctuations


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My main symptom with POTS is dizziness. The other day it was really bad after I was up cooking for hours so I laid down for awhile. I noticed whenever I sat up the room just felt like it was moving around like crazy on me, I pretty much had to lay flat for about a half hour till the worst of it went away..I decided to check my blood pressure during this and when I was laying down it was 82/52. When I sat up (still mostly laying, I just sat up the slightest bit) and my blood pressure went up to 130/98..Normally my bp is 110/65-70 on good days. I'm still new dealing with all this and I was just wondering if anyone else has crazy blood pressure changes when they are only moving around a tiny bit?

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Very definitely. It's a main symptom of POTS or other dysautonomia issues. You're certainly not alone. Have you had a tilt table test or done a poor man's tilt table at home where you find the difference between your BP and HR between laying down for about 10 minutes to standing for 1, 3, and 10 minute increments? What does that show? Move very slowly when you're BP is all over the place, and make sure you rest and lie down enough.



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Yes, my BP goes up on standing, with talking, or any type of stress and this is accompanied by facial flushing and burning, chest pain/pressure, nausea, headache/fullness, dizziness, and exhaustion. At rest my BP is 110's/60's like yours. Standing my diastolic immediately goes up 20 points or more. This is a normal body's reaction to our abnormal condition of inadequate bloodflow to our brains. Our bodies will increase our peripheral vascular resistance in an effort to increase bloodflow to vital organs. As a result, most POTS patients have elevated norepinephrine levels on standing which creates feelings of excessive adrenaline. At the same time, however, we feel the lack of bloodflow to our brains and get dizzy, nauseated, fatigued, heavy feelings, etc. On my tilt test, my BP stayed at 135/96 while upright.

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