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Pots Flare Ups


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I hear a lot about POTS flare ups, and I'm just curious, what is really considered a flare up? With me, I'm dizzy almost daily..but there are times when it gets really bad for a week or two - I'm guessing that would be considered a flare up. How long does a flare up last for you?

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For me, POTS flares are usually triggered by some physical issue like a migraine (lasted for a month August 2009), a medication reaction (lasted another month November 2009), or just my hyperadrenergic response to stress (I'm just recovering from a flare now). Usually the flares are primarily accompanied by excessive fatigue and pain (burning skin and body aches), but also nausea, headaches, night sweats, body twitches, etc. I do have a constant level of fatigue, pain and nausea which fluctuates somewhat. But my flares are a marked increase in my symptoms.

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