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Seeking Some Help/advice


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I keep having these awful days where I wake up and from the moment I open my eyes I know it's not going to be a good day.

I've noticed that not only am I more tired, dizzy and tachy, I also FEEL incredibly dehydrated. But I am drinking pint glass of water after pint glass of water. Unfortunately that also makes me pee for England since I have an overactive bladder.

I just don't know what to do to help myself here! I know in the US people recommend drinking Gatorade but I have no idea what the UK equivalent of that would be.

Should I eat something salty to help me retain fluid, or what? I'm at a loss really!!

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Hello neighbour from a very cold Dublin.

Often experience this myself. Particularly around the week before my period is due. Just dont retain the fluids. Have found lately that soup made with double stock cubes and added salt and drinking water with it helps!!

Hard to get salt into you first thing in the morning mind. Maybe others on this site have sugesstions? I try tuc crackers with an extra sprinkle of salt and a cub of strong coffee first thing can help.

Hope your feeling better soon. Have you been snowed in??


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Hi there from a very chilly Essex!

I am in the same boat as you but find eating salty foods does help. I use Nuun rehydration tablets first thing when I am like this and they really help. You can buy them online and they contain electrolytes,you just add a tablet to water.

I also make a lot of soup and add salt to those.

Hope this helps


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Thanks, these are both great ideas. I will look have a look for those tablets to keep in the cupboard for times like these!

Yep, I have been snowed in (earlier last week) AND today ICED in. Fed up with it! I went out for a short walk yesterday and although I felt better for getting some fresh air, it's such hard work in the snow!

I feel a little better for eating a tin of tuna and a packet of the saltiest crisps I could find in the cupboard!

I also find I get worse with this before and during my period. Maybe my hormones are whacked (I recently had a coil fitted- 3 weeks ago today) and it's making me more symptomatic!

I'm so glad to have found this forum though, it really helps to have a place where people understand and can help! :D

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For our UK friends, is Poweraid available? I just googled and saw that Poweraid is the official drink of English rugby teams, so that might be available there. Poweraid is the Coke equivalent to Gatoraid (which is made by Pepsi... or is it visa versa???).. in any case, Poweraid might be a good option for you all to try. Also, might "fitness water" be available there? Here, it's water with just a little flavoring, and added electrolytes and some vitamins, mainly B vitamins. There usually is some a fairly high sodium content. Also, another thing that I really like is Ramen noodles. My dad, who has high blood pressure and various other heart problems, has been banned from eating them, but for me, there is enough sodium, that if I eat a packet of those and drink at least 32 oz of water, it usually will correct any dehydration (for at least a few hours... I get dehydrated really fast, so I have to be very vigilant).

You mentioned that your symptoms are worse around your period... mine are too. In fact, I learned how to chart my cycles with my cervical mucus (I think that's the Billings method.... or maybe it's Creighton. I am having a brain fog moment, so I can't remember exactly which one), and when I first started having symptoms, I was convinced that I was having some hormonal problems, even though my bloodwork was normal, but I suppose like with dr's offices checking pulses only when someone is sitting, my hormone levels weren't checked the right time of the month. Perhaps I wasn't doing it correctly, but luckily I know a few NFP (natural family planning) coaches at church who might be able to help me better chart.

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HI again,

Just reading posts and recalled (sorry potsy brain fog) I also use on occassions an oral rehydration solution. You can buy these over the counter in any pharmacy!

The period thing is a killer alright. Guess its another loss of fluid we just cant afford!!!!

Best of luck and hope you heat up soon. The snow is melting here but has been replaced with heavy rain!

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i was told by a doc last year to drink lucozade sport, its orange and fizzy. which at the time suffering with nausea i wasnt able to drink.

im on the usual pots meds now, so i suppose the fludrocortisone helps.

something ive found useful over christmas ive been eating quite a few twiglets, lots of b vits, and they made me feel better!!!

hope you feel better soon, this cold weather isnt doing me any good at all.



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Hi Lauralulu,

My kids are on slow release sodium tabs but they still have days when they get very dehydrated, they also have very over active bladders on these days! They have all found Gatorade is very helpful it seems to help keep fluid in, you can get it in all the main UK supermarkets. We have found that the kids get on with Gatorade better than others on the market because all my kids have problems with the artificial sweetener and colors in the other brands.


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If the thirst is new and persistent I would get your GP to check just to make sure that you haven't developed diabetes.

I used to take "slow sodium" tablets, then I switched to rehydration drinks (lucozade sport raspberry was my favourite non-fizzy drink) but the sugar in them caused me to gain weight (I actively avoid artificial sweetners and diet drinks as my brain fog gets worse). Now I drink water with a sprinkle of himalayan salt (just a tiny pinch, makes the water feel softer but not taste salty).

Good lower-fat, high sodium alternatives to crisps are pretzels and salted popcorn (no butter if want low cals).

If you search the forum for "24 hour urine sodium" you should find a load of old posts that I wrote about using 24hr urine tests to monitor if your salt intake is the right amount.


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Okay, that's great!

The thirst I have had for the past 2+ years and have in that time had numerous blood tests for diabetes, pretty much every time I've mentioned it to my GP, they've decided to run blood work for me. It always came back fine. :(

It did once show I had a "glandular fever type of infection" (last year) which I wasn't even aware of (I was just super tired but then I guess I am used to that on and off and so was assuming it was another dip, even before I was aware of POTS and what not, I'd have times like that and times when I felt relatively okay and had energy).

That's going off an a tangent mind. Thanks for all the advice! I slept much better last night and so far this morning, feel much better than yesterday. :P

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Yep I know of them, just never knew they contained b-vits too! I bought some today and munched a bowl full, they really do taste of marmite- quite nice! Didn't have too many as I am slightly wheat intolerant but I can get away with it in small doses so I wanted to try them anyway.

I also got some pretzels and some lucozade, I slept better last night and feel much better today, even though my tachy is pretty bad! I'm taking it easy, drinking lots and my mind is so much clearer, which is a relief!

Thanks for all the advice ! :)

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