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I Don't Know Why I Haven't Shared This Yet


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Lately I have been thinking about compression. I layer spanks under running tights most days. I also want to wear compression knee highs.

Anyway I should let everyone know that I think the reason I can get away with less compression is that I started wearing those MBT rocker bottom shoes when I was teaching (years ago). I think they really help with your circulation.

I have many pairs and now sketchers makes them. I know that they are not the best looking things but they are very comfortable and I notice I have way worse symptoms when I don't wear them.

Anyway FYI They really help me stand longer and I wear them from the time I get up until Nap time- Then I put them on again.

I am looking to buy "real" compression stockings today and just wanted to tell others what is helping me.

I went to the grocery store today by myself in my sketchers. ( I did get help bagging and loading my car... and I sat down while everything was rung up... but I did get my son some turkey from the deli counter.... BIG NEWS! LOL k

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Thanks for sharing this... I have been thinking about getting a pair myself, and I'm glad to know they have helped you. I have a pair of vibram five-fingers, which work great (I usually get better circulation when I'm walking bare-foot, and vibrams simulate that) but only when it's warm outside... They don't wear so well in the ice and snow.

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Funny this topic just came up. Last night I had to stand for a long period of time and my feet and lower legs are just in a lot of pain today. I am 31 but feel like I am 101, walking is very uncomfortable today. I just started teaching (night classes at a local university, it is only one night a week but classes is 4.5 hours long) again last night after a month break. I have had discomfort before, but nothing this unpleasant previously. The weather might have something to do with it, it is very cold in Iowa right now.

Excuse my ignorance, but I have not heard of "rocker bottom shoes". What exactly do they do? Since you mentioned Sketchers now makes them, I am guess thing are not a brand but more of a style of how a shoe is made? I have NCS, do you think they would hlep the pain I was describing in my lower legs/feet?



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Yes they really help with pain- I don't want to sound like a commercial... But I love shoes and now sadly only wear this style. The MBT came out first. They are expensive. The sketchers are still about $100. I first got them when I was teaching, but really started to wear them after a car accident. I have poor posture and they help that. I think they might be called walk fit.

They present themselves as "a workout' they are not but they help you stand longer. Also you can rock in place without looking like you need a bathroom :D .

I have tall boots, sandals, sneakers, every holiday I ask my husband for another pair. ( I think that the one style is called shape ups).

I have tried really every shoe. and have the closet to show for it. Fit-flops and things like Earth, Birkenstock and Born are comfortable but the shoes with the rocker bottoms I think are a main reason I don't pass out. I have learned really to wear these all of the time... even though I used to like to be barefoot.

Anyway I hope I helped someone. They sell the MBT's I think at the Mayo Clinic store... I got the others from Zappos.

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I was sure that I have posted about MBT shoes before (I have been wearing them on and off for about 2 years) but my forum search only showed posts from 2006/7. In October 2008 I gave a presentation on living with POTS at the STARS conference (a meeting for patients and doctors/nurses all about blackouts) - I included a picture of my MBTs in the powerpoint under my "what helps" section. Unfortunately that day I was really bad POTS wise and despite wearing my MBTs I spent the hour before my presentation lying on the floor at the back of the lecture hall!

"Masai Barefoot Technology" are shoes that are designed to mimic walking barefoot on sand. They have a rocker-bottom sole (curved from heel to toe) with a very soft/squishy eliptical area under the heel. When you walk it feels like your heel is sinking into soft sand and your weight then rolls forwards through your foot.

If you get these I would advise being properly measured and fitted in a specialist store for your first pair. You need to learn to balance and walk in these (probably not good for people with numbness in their feet or who tend to stumble / have balance problems in normal shoes).

One of the big advertising features is that the MBT shoes make you unstable, to walk and even stand still you have to use the muscles in your legs, bum, back and stomach to assist your balance. The company boast that this increased muscle work burns more calories and tones up your muscles.

I worked out that if the shoes make your leg muscles contract that they must also increase the skeletal muscle pump (contacting leg muscles helps push blood up the legs and back towards the heart - improved vascular return).

My physio initially suggested them for me to improve my core stability and essentially do "wobble-board" exercises whilst walking about. It took me quite a while to be able to wear the MBTs all day (muscle ache, balance issues) but over about 6 weeks I built up to it.

I don't know why but I hadn't worn them for ages until about 6 weeks ago when my Dad mentioned them. I found them in my cupboard and since then haven't worn any other outdoor shoes. I think that they really increase my standing and walking times. They also help my back pain.

I have never tried any of the other brands so can't say if they work the same or not.

MBTs are expensive but I have invested in 2 pairs that "do" for most occasions - black nubuck trainer style and navy leather Mary-Jane style shoes.


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You know I saw an advertisement for the Sketchers (sp?) ones and thought 'I should look into that for me!', but then of course promptly forgot. Thanks for reminding me.

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The first time I saw these was for an ad for Curves (I dont know how nationwide they are, but its a workout place for women) They even sell them in the Avon catalouges here. I have had my eye on the sketchers ones for awhile now. I only buy sketchers sneakers and Im due for a new pair (i wear them til them are falling apart...lol) and have been thinking about getting the rocker bottom ones. Hmmmm.....just maybe I will. I stand for like 6 hr at a time at work. I constantly have to sit down b/c I feel like crap.


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I have the Sketchers Shape Ups and really like them. If you order them online at the Sketchers website, you can get more than sneakers. They even have some that are work appropriate. My POTS is very well controlled with medication, so I can't really comment on whether or not they improve those symptoms, but I really feel like they are helping the joint problems I have from my EDS III. I also find that they help with posture. They are not attractive at all, though!

Everything I read about them said to buy a 1/2 size larger than normal, and that turned out to be good advice. Some people have numbness in their toes when they wear them for great lengths of time, so having extra room in the toe is key. They also recommend that you gradually begin wearing them, 20 minutes the first day, etc... I didn't, and did not have any ill effects or extra soreness from wearing them all day, but that might just be me.

Hope this helps!


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