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Update On Doc Apt


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Just a quick update on my recent doc apt. Sorry for delay but because of heavy snow we lost our power!

Saw cardio doc last fri as have been very sick since early Dec. There is no Pots specialist as such in Ireland but it turns out that my doc knows more that I thought!

Have had (5 years ago) a tilt table which confirmed dx of Pots. Had Catecholamine test, Holter, stress, ecg etc. All five years ago. But because I knew very little about Pots then I never knew what tests I had. My doc says "they were all ok". He is however going to do them all again, minus the tilt. At my request he is also going to do a 24 urinary sodium test. I am really hoping to figure out what type of pots I have. I believe I have the hyper kind but he says tests ok. This ever happen to anyone?

I have had symptoms of MCAD lately and he has agreed to send me to specialist about this.

I felt he really listened to me. I took up alot of his time and he really really seemed to understand my frustration at feeling so ill. Until.. when I was leaving his office he suggested I try "not to think about it so much"!!!! "go to the pub and try relax". How can I do this when I have an elephant on my chest and a BP reading of 71/43 ???? So frustrating!!!!!

Hope your all having a good day. So cold here at the moment, If I dont post for a while you will all know its becuase I am in the pub getting cured!!!!

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