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Subtypes Of Pots

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Hello Everyone!

I have FINALLY (after 20+ years) found a cardiologist that seems to have a CLUE! <insert HAPPY DANCE here>

He told me that I fit into a POTS subtype which symptoms include IBS, anxiety, migraines and sensitivity to meds.

I was SO floored that he knew about POTS that I forgot to ask which type he was referring to! Would this be

hyperadrenergic POTS? It is my understanding that this type of POTS is possibly genetic and chronic. Is that correct?

I am currently taking low-dose Florinef and Zebeta. The Zebeta has really put the whammy on my tachycardia! :P Yay!!!

Anyways, any info/insight is GREATLY appreciated. On a side note... I ordered the CHANGES DVD on 1/6 and

can't wait to receive it!!!

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