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Hi Lissy,

Is your appetite poor due to nausea? That is my son's case. He takes liquid erythromycin to increase his appetite/as a GI prokinetic. He also takes lexapro to balance his autonomic nervous system. That further increases his apetite. He's also on florinef which additionally ups the hungries :P Even with all of this, he struggles to keep his weight up.

There is an antihistamine that some doctors prescribe to increase appetite. It is called cyproheptadine (sp.?) It made my son so tired, even when he took it at night, he was unable to function.

Food supplements, like ensure, were intolerable for Mack too. many are dairy based, but even the ones that were soy didn't work. We had to tackle the underlying reason WHY he couldn't eat.

All the best-


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I have never purposely tried to gain weight with the "weight gain" products out there. However, I did have a boyfriend that used them (he tried several different brands). He had stomach issues similar to what a lot of POTSY's have and was very thin for his height. He didn't have any luck on them. I tried it several times and I would not recommend them to anyone! First, a lot of them have artificial sweeteners which I am not a fan of. However, even the ones with real sugar are really sickeningly sweet. They are supposed to be like a shake but they were the most disgusting things ever-- way worse than just the protein ones (and we tried several brands). I literally could barely gag it down and it almost came back up if you know what I mean. If you are having problems getting nutrients down and think you would like to try something like a shake or something drink ensure or carnation instant breakfast-- or better yet add protein powder or a vitamin mix to a smoothie made of fresh fruit and milk or juice. Weight gain is yucky (yes, I just used the word yucky) and many of the formulas are **** full of sugar-- which is not the best way to get nutrients or gain weight.

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***IF***you can eat and are not nauseated, you could use the weight-loss/fitness tool on WebMD. It has a calorie counter for losing or gaining weight. It has lots of pull-down menu choices for common foods. Real food is the only way to go, to do it the healthy way.

WebMD food-fitness planner

If its just weight you want, I'd give you some of mine, but it won't come off! :P

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