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Hi Everyone Havent Been Here In Awhile


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So im 8 months pregnant now! so excited to be a first time mom, although my POTS is the worst its been since the POTS crash :rolleyes: i can barely see straight and sleep all day long. i have no clue how i am going to muster up the energy to give birth! seriously they might have to do a c section because i have 0 energy.im really hoping this gets better so i can put the babys room together. my fiance wants to do it for me but ihave been looking forward to it for so long.

really just nervous about birth and after.. any good tips or suggestions? i heard the epideral decreases blood pressure which doesnt sound too good to me

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Hi Dani,

I bet you're one of those who feels much better after birth. Just in case, try to have a plan in place for help. It is impossible to understand just how exhausting it is to care for a newborn. The cumulative lack of sleep is indescribable :P . It is simultaneously the most joyous & most exhausting experience I have ever had. I understand why you are nervous going into it already wiped out.

I am crossing my toes & fingers that you feel dramatically better right away so you can care for your little one. Do you know the sex? Got names picked? What colors are you using in the nursery?

I'm sending wishes for an easy delivery, good health & increased energy your way-


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hi! thanks for the replies!

o yeah i have had my iron levels tested so many times and they come back normal.. but i was thinking that they were off too! ;)

I am having a baby girl! Her name is Sydney and she is due on March 10.. i really hope i do get lucky and its easier after birth because from what i heard a lot of people have problems with it. but i also heard a lot of others that had a great pregnancy and mine has been really up and down.. especially the first and third trimester.

so a question about the epideral.. should i be worried? there is no way i can go without one, but I heard that it drops your bp which i dont think will be too fun for me haha.

i also was reasearching a lot and im pretty sure i have the hyper POTS.. only problem is my docotor wont really dont any testing until i give birth. so for now its a speculation but that kind makes way more sense to me with all my symptoms.

thanks again!

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Are you still working?

I had to stop working at 32 weeks. I was increasingly exhausted and dizzy (and no diagnosis). Although I did rally around week 37-38. Ultimately I had a c-section.

Here's a recent discussion on this topic if you didn't see it:


Have you had saline via IV at all? I had that 2x during pregnancy and felt wonderful, for about 48 hrs.

As Mack's mom says there are really no adequate words to describe the exhaustion (along with the joy) post partum. It was very hard for me as I became even sicker. Unfortunately I was undiagnosed so no treatments were offered (except for "depression"). Anyway, my mom lived with us for the first 4 months. I don't think we could have done it without her. I became unable to stand, etc. I doubt this would have gotten this bad tho if I had been under proper medical care. So hopefully you will find it easier simply b/c you have a diagnosis.

Best wishes!

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Hi Dani,

Congratulations on your soon to arrive little one!

I have had two epidurals. When my son was born four years ago I had an epidural in place for the last two hours of labor and delivery. I wasn't on any medications at that time, and my bp stayed stable.

With my last birth, I had to have a c-section. I had an epidural, and this was a higher dose of the anesthesia because I needed to be completely numb for the surgery. I did take my 10mg of midodrine around the time the epidural was given to help keep my blood pressure up just in case (my doctor and anesthesiologist approved this).

When you have an epidural, your blood pressure will be monitored regularly to make sure that it doesn't drop. If it does, they can give you medicine to raise it. Mention your concerns to your doctor so that they are aware that you have problems with your bp. They'll watch out for you. :D

Rest whenever you can, and enjoy your baby. The sleepless nights are hard, but they will soon pass, even when it feels like they are lasting forever. The next thing you know, your baby will have turned a corner and will be sleeping more. Then you blink and your child is walking. Enjoy each stage. Each age has its own challenges and rewards.

All the best,


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