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Sore & Numb From Sleeping On Tilted Bed


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Guest tearose

B) I'd UNTILT the bed!!!

If it is not working then try sleeping without it. Tell your doctor it did not work. It doesn't work for all so don't fret over it. I for one cannot tilt.

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i tilted my bed about 4", and it did nothing for me. i'd untilt your bed, or at make it 50% lower to see if that helps. Like Tearose said, it doesn't work for some of us.



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I was recommended to tilt my bed by Mayo last February. I tilted it for a few months, went back to flat again for a few months, tilted again. I can say it hasn't made any difference in my overall symptoms. BUT I've kept it tilted as I didn't get any worse with it, and it helps when I go from lying in my bed to standing up. Lying totally flat makes the transition a bit harder. That's the ONLY reason I elevate the head of my bed by 4 inches or so. It has not made any positive impact on the progression of my symptoms.

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