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Moving - Eek!


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So after my long day at the hospital I found out that I'll be moving to Reno, NV this September. I am not used to living in a dry climate, not used to heat, and not used to cold. As excited as I am to move, I'm kind of freaked out about the whole moving process, finding new and amazing doctors, finding a new job and surviving in the rugged terrain. I'm a total wimp. If anyone has any amazing advice about moving, or you live in Reno and love it and are excited for a new friend please let me know! I didn't step foot outside at all last summer except to jump in my air conditioned car to my air conditioned office, so living somewhere that's extremely warmer than where I live now is kinda freaking me out.

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I have moved a lot in the past 7 years. I'll share some of my tips.

A few years ago I moved from Alaska to Georgia. Talk about a climate change! I don't tolerate heat well, so the temperatures were definitely a concern for me. For the most part I stay inside in the air conditioning in the summer, but when you have to go out, just that short walk to the car can be really hard. I have found cooling vests to be a huge help. There are days when it truly makes the difference between being able to leave the house and being stuck inside.

As for packing - I have found it very helpful to number each box. Packing and unpacking take me a lo-ooooong time. Even with help, it takes me almost a year to unpack and get settled into a new home. Because there will be items in boxes for months on end, I put a number on each box. Then I have a sheet of paper that lists the main items that are in that box. When it comes time to unpack, I know exactly which boxes I will need first (current season's clothes, some kitchen items, bathroom necessities, towels, sheets, etc.). I also know which boxes can stay sealed up for a while (clothes for a different season, seasonal decorations, books, craft items, etc.). If I suddenly need an item that I didn't think I would, it is easy to find. I just check my list, find out which number box I need, and let my husband know which box to hunt for. It takes a little more time while packing to put a number on a box and write down what is in the box, but it is such a time and energy saver in the end.

I hope that your move goes smoothly for you and that you will be making new friends very soon.


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