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Cw-x Stability Tights

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stability tights

These have extra support for the low back, abdominal core and down and around the knees. I have "weak" knees due to a high school injury and what my PT is now calling an "unknown connective tissue disorder." Has anyone tried these for compression and stability? I don't think that I could stand them all day long, but definitely during exercise.

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Guest tearose

I took a look at your link. I think they are not adequate for compression, sorry. Why don't you just use your compression and put knee supports over as you need?

I tore my knee meniscus and over time it actually has gotten better without surgery. I do use my knee brace if it acts up. How intense it the PT exercise you have to do?

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My doctor told me if I couldn't find compression stockings that I could afford to get the tightest tight I could find and wear them. I seem to be allergic to the elastic in the compression stockings. I used to wear Lycra leggings when I taught aerobics and they felt sooooooo good If I could get them I would wear them under clothing again. I used to find them at Marshall's and TJ Max's.


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