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Pots Or Neurocardiogenic hypotention syndrome?


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The short answer is yes and no. ;) Sorry to be confusing, but there is still some debate with regard to the *experts* about that. I happen to have a dx of BOTH. Go figure! If you haven't read through the info on the main DINET site, you may want to do so--it could help you to better understand the differing criteria. Also, you might want to check out the dx info on the NDRF site, http://www.ndrf.org

Nina :)

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Thanks, Mighty mouse!

I was just curious! I was diagnosed with the neuro.... thing and I decided to research it and the article about POTS showed up ! I have over half of the symptoms. Well, then I desided to call my cardio doctor and she said it probably wasn`t possible and that it ia rare! Is this a deadly thing to have? What is the difference between the 2 ;) I has been a very frustrating year :) thousands of test. What kind of test s did they run to find POTS? Didn`t have any health problems until I had my last child! I even lost my job because of tachnacardia, weakness, dizziness and ect......

I filed for disability but not sure if I will have a chance!!!!! :(

Worried mother of 3,


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The typical tests include a total blood volume (nuclear medicine study) and a tilt table test.

Here's a link to the POTS symptom list:


and here's the link to the NCS/NMH list:


The major difference is that some people with POTS do not have a fall in BP, rather, the mostly have tachy (oh, and your doc is wrong, POTS is NOT that rare). NMH/NCS typically have faint or near faint episodes assoicated with a drop in bp of 30 or more mg of mercury upon head up tilt/standing. NCS/NMH may not have tachy.

All of the above being said, I have a confirmed dx of both disorders, diagnosed during a TTT done at Columbia Presbyterian in NYC, Syncope Center. I was seen by their head of EP Cardiology. I have most of the POTS symptoms and most of the NCS symptoms. Many doctors believe there is overlap in the syndromes--probably moreso than those who think they are perfectly distinct disorders.

You should probably download NDRF's free handbook on dysautonomia for an in-depth explanation in reader friendly language.


Hope that clarifies things for you. Nina ;)

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