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Referred To An Autonomic Disorder, Sensory Neuropathy Specialist


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I saw my neurologist today. It went VERY well. I have not had a dud in all the docs I have seen at the medical school yet. If you are in St. Louis, pm me for names.

She is wonderful and will follow me every 6 months for the Trigeminal Neuralgia pain and related headaches.

I have sensory neuropathy and quite possible autonomic neuropathy, cause yet unknown. She ordered another MRI of my brain--recommended by the doctor who did my EMG/NCV and Blink Test--both had abnormalities. Some new blood tests will be ordered and an appointment set up with Dr. K who did my tilt test. I will also have Quantitative Sensory Testing--something I know nothing about.

The goal right now is to find the cause of what is wrong with me. It has been established that there really is something wrong, now they are looking for answers.

I feel comfortable with the outcome of this visit, a good thing.


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YAY! I am glad it went well, and that you are finding out more pieces of the puzzle. The test you mentioned is often referred to as a QSART test. You can find more info on it on the DINET website and probably through google. It isn't too bad of a test. It measures your sweat response through electrodes on your skin. The worst is a bee stinging/zapping sensation at the electrodes as they do their thing. Otherwise the worst was laying still for the 30 min or whatever.

Hope that things continue to go well on your quest for answers!


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QSART = Quantitative Sudomotor Axon Reflex Test

QST = Quantitative Sensory Testing

The QST sounds more like part of the testing I had done 2 years ago. They put a metal probe to touch my skin and gradually warmed up the probe - I had to tell them when it felt warm to me (my results were normal). I don't remember having a vibration test though so I may only have had part of the test.

Here's a link to a little info for patients.


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I live in St Louis and currently take my son to Cleveland for treatment. Let me know who you see in St Louis, every dr. we've seen here thinks it's anxiety, so we gave up getting help here. They still think it's anxiety even though the psychologist said "not anxiety or depression." Very frustrating. It would be great to not have to travel 9 hours(especially during snow season).



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