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Problems With Mirena - Think It Is Coming Out - Back To Bcp


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I really don't think my body likes the Mirena IUD. I like the fact my cycles have stopped, no painful periods, and it's long-term and inexpensive.

The problem is I have gained almost 40 pounds in the six months I've had it with no dietary or exercise changes. I've talked to a couple of my doctors and my weight stayed stable for many years (within a 12 pound range over 5+ years). They agreed metabolism slows as you age, but NOT at that level.

I also feel bloated, my stomach is all sticking out and it's not normal for me at all.

A lot of women talk about this if you search 'weight gain mirena' - you literally feel pregnant, gain weight and can't lose if cutting down on calories/exercising more, etc. Even the Mirena pamphlet says a small percentage of women 'could gain weight.' (It seems to be similar to Depo issues).

I have an appointment to remove it. The Gyno office said it just doesn't work for some women, don't feel bad. But I DO because I wanted something to finally WORK. I hate taking the Pill. But Seasonique works OK (and now there is a LoSeasonique), but of course my insurance doesn't cover it so on top of everything, it's expensive.

I haven't had migraines in a long time, and even so the stroke risk is only minimally increased so I try not to worry about that. I've also considered getting 'fixed' but that won't stabilize my hormones, which I think I need at this time. I can't handle wild monthly cycles with POTS. I've tried.

Anyone currently on the Pill? Or tried LoSeasonique? My paranoia of adding one more pill to the mix of my meds scares me, but my Cardio is OK with it at this point if I monitor my blood pressure.

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Here in the UK many doctors are prescribing any combined BCP to be taken for 3 packs without a break. Maybe your gynae doc would be happy for you to take another low dose BCP instead of the brand one that your insurance won't cover?


Flop - That's a good idea...I didn't think about that. I'll ask if there's a similar!

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