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Topiramate And Demanding Answers From The Doctor!

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So I called the gp and demanded that I get seen soon and that it not take three hours to get in because I was getting critical, having chest pains, headaches, and shaking. I was getting dizzy and passing out, and not having a very fun ride. I thought they were either BP spells or panic attacks, and since the propranolol had been upped, I said screw it and upped my topiramate for the migraines and bipolar (manic depression runs in the family) up to 100 mg twice a day from 50 to see if it would help. It did but not all the way to the next dose.

The lady gave me an appointment next Monday at 1:10, which is the first appointment right after lunch, so I shouldn't have to wait too long! Phew. Maybe I can get my meds figured out now!

And before anyone asks, yes, I mess with my own medicine because I get tired of waiting for the doctors and I know when I'm not getting enough. I'm careful to do it when people are around and I'm not doing anything dangerous. I know when I'll have a reaction and I was having chest pains and headaches so bad I was taking hydrocodone to make them stop.

But! So far today, after four days on the higher dose, it seems to be doing much better. I feel much more relaxed though the headache isn't completely gone and the bp is around 100\68, which it should be. Though I am still having some difficulty with the 'get up, get down, get up, fall down' problem. I did that at the mall the other day after walking over in the cold, and I nearly collapsed in the Lifeway store.

And no one helped me. That's what got me. XDDD WOW CHRISTIANS. XDDD

Annnnyway. Oddly enough, update on the nose, my infection is cleared and my left cavity is doing good. But the septum hole is getting bigger for some reason. I might need a biopsy on that in a month. [sigh]

Sorry I haven't been too present here! I've been working on my book like crazy and am up to 84000+ words and almost at the very ending, then I can edit! YAY~! And reading! Lots of reading!

<3 Merry Christmas~! :3 There's so much going on here!

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It seems like the writing project has been going well. That is certainly a lot of writing! Sounds like fun.

In looking at propranolol and topiramate it does seem they will share metabolism by a particular liver enzyme (CYP2C19) so they can interact in that regard which just means that dosing of each can affect the other. This might explain needing to rework a balance of things after prior adjustment. I don't happen to see oxycodone sharing any direct metabolic interaction, but in some folks it could contribute to orthostatic trouble (but that would vary of course). The details are complex details beyond me, but they do say drugs that inhibit that enzyme (which topiramate is said to do to a weak extent) can change the propranolol effects (and potentially enhance side effects). This doesn't mean a "bad drug interaction" situation, just that extra adjustments between the two make sense. Hopefully that can all be worked out soon, between your adjustments and doc feedback and such!

Merry Christmas to you too. I wish you better luck with the mall folk. I think many tend to be pre-occupied (self absorbed) but also people are just generally apprehensive about helping others out depending on the circumstances. I know my mind gets wrapped up in the complications of possibly offending someone just by offering help, or overstepping bounds or whatever. Then again my mind gets wrapped up in a number of ways and I may just be making excuses for rather rude people! :)

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