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Post Blood Tests And Ecg Appointment


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Bloods came back all fine, I thought they would though they usually do lol!

I asked to have a standing up ECG as well as a normal one, the Dr said it did record my abnormally high heart rate (180bpm) but as some of the clips weren't attached right she couldn't be sure if it was right! Given that I'd been standing there for about 7 mins while the nurse kept fiddling with these clips and could FEEL my heart pounding and racing, I think that was about right, it's definitely the highest it's gotten whilst standing and I sure could feel it.

Thankfully she didn't tell me I'm 'just stressed'- I showed her my 'poor man's tilt table test' results and she has referred me on to a local cardiologist. So now I have to hope he will have knowledge of POTS. She mentioned I might be tested with what sounded like a halter moniter- they have 24 hour ones and 7 day ones!

At least I am finally getting somewhere now...

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Thanks. I feel positive now- it's a little like an epiphany, because so many 'mystery' things are now adding up and making sense, and I am FINALLY being taken seriously. Not that it was the Drs fault that I wasn't before, but I just KNEW I didn't feel right, I just didn't know WHY. It wasn't until I started measuring my heart rate (thanks to a friend who told me about POTS due to my symptoms) that I had something concrete to show my new Dr.

There aren't any POTS specialists in my locale but if it does turn out I have it, or my cardiologist wants me to have further tests with someone who is in the know about it, I'm willing to travel- I just need the referral so will see how I go with what tests the cardiologist wants me to do. :-)

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