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Anyone Ever Have An Episode Like This? Near Fainting, Slow Pulse, Then Weird Irregular Pulse...


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Hi everyone..

Just wondering if this has happened to anyone because it shook me up a bit...

I woke up this morning and got out of bed to go to the bathroom. I noticed feeling a little light headed/woozy upon standing, but I still made my way to the bathroom. I proceeded to try to have a bowel movement (I know, TMI). Then when I stood up again, I felt light headed and weird and decided to take my pulse. It was EXTREMELY slow. I've never felt it that slow before. Is that normal right before a person is going to pass out?

Then my pulse got really irregular, like erratic with double beats. I barely made it out of the bathroom and laid down on the floor. My heart then felt like it was racing in my chest, but I still couldn't feel it sufficiently in my wrist.

I got some help, and had some electrolytes and fruit. I felt a lot better after the electrolytes.

I just don't feel well though today. I feel woozy when I stand and I flushed horribly when I tried to eat again. I have a Bp cuff though and my bp isn't too awful. It's been far worse before. It's running 95/67 - 100/72.

Is this normal right before you're going to pass out? Has anyone checked out their pulse before feeling like they were going to faint? Or how about when you're on a tilt table?

I put a call into my doctor but they usually think I'm a medical mystery. lol.


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I know episodes of bradycardia are actually not unusual for POTS patients (according to my specialist). I started noticing episodes of bradycardia on standing a couple of years ago. Nothing disabling in my case. I have also had erratic heart beats like you describe. For me too, electrolytes (and cutting out caffiene) and fluid in general, helps tremendously.

It would be good to talk to your dr and see if s/he thinks further tests are warranted.

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I stagger about in a daze often enough. Sometimes a worse period has an easy explanation for me (like bad diet practice recently, not being perfect about hydration in the prior days, perhaps pushing exercise hard at the wrong time, etc.) sometimes it seems out of the blue. Be aware that a BM is said to be similar to a Valsalva Maneuver and we, as a people, tend to have exaggerated response to that! It's one of the autonomic tests in which we excel! We are overachievers I guess. :)

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Keep a packet of electrolytes in you medicine cabinet or nightstand. Keep water on your nightstand and take a sip before you get out of bed next time. You were probably at a very low bp coming out of bed and then the BM just added to the autonomic strain.

I have had times where I needed to get to the bathroom during the night and I needed to crawl. I was okay with doing this because I understood what was happening.

My bp just needs more time to adjust to the change in position and my bladder does not want to cooperate so I carefully and safely crawl.

Goodness, what we do to manage, people have no idea!

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