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High Blood Pressure


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Just in the past 2 weeks I've developed high blood pressure. For the past 7 years a normal blood pressure for me while standing is about 90/50 and the past week or so it's been 150/90!!

I'm seeing my dr. this week for bloodwork, etc but just wanted to know if anyone else has gone through such a drastic change!? I'm a little scared/nervous considering it's almost double my normal....



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Earlier this year my BP suddenly shot up from 110/70 to 160/120. My cardiologist blamed the fact that I am now overweight but I had steadily gained weight over 3 years so that didn't make sense to me. It has now settled to an average of 125/90 but I still feel awful when I stand up.


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Me too---- ;) when BP is high, I usually feel horrible.

However, if it's like 120/70 I'm feeling fairly well.

When it's real low I feel sluggish, but not as bad as when it's high. It gets high when I'm crashing, or having a bad spell.

I was afraid to take it this morning when my heart rate went wild. I figure I'm better off not knowing the numbers, as I just get worse from the anxiety.

If my BP is 150/something, I'm usually having a bad POTS crash.

Maxine :0)

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