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Mini Update


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I saw my endocrinologist today and brought this up. She's pretty sure I'm not having panic attacks. Said panic attacks should be a diagnosis of exclusion!! Which made me feel really good.

She thinks my autonomic nervous system is acting up due to my not being given IV saline for the past 2 months. Told me to take my blood pressure when I start to get these feelings and see what it is. I did tonight. 105/86. A pulse pressure of 19!!! No wonder I'm feeling awful. I took it again after the feeling had passed and it was back to normal. At least things are starting to make sense now.

She's put me back on Florinef and on IV saline :-) to try to get things in balance. I'm hoping the saline will help as I black out every time I stand up.

Hope the IVs get the "panic" to stop.


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How do you test your pulse pressure???

Take the systolic blood pressure (the top number) and subtract the diastolic blood pressure (the bottom number). So and BP of 120/80 = 120 - 80 = 40, has a pulse pressure of 40. You want a number around 40. (I'm usually okay until about 25 or so)

Here's an article for your reading pleasure...


Under 20 usually means that blood isn't getting where it needs to go. I've had 10-15 before, which stinks.


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Hi Sara,

I regularly have a BP of around 75/62 or 63 in the morning, especially. Do you know if there's anything to do to help with such narrow pulse pressures? I can't tolerate Florinef or Midodrine. Anyone have any secrets?

Thanks & cheers,


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