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Would An Infection Cause Bp To Rise


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I've had strep throat & sinus inf but beginning to get better now I notice my BP is 187/89.

I normally don't take my BP but I've felt very stressed & when I took it this a.m. it was a little high. I have had this happen when I was having bad food allergies but I don't think that's it this time. Just wondered if infection would cause this. Thanks.

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I'm not sure if infection could cause your BP to rise, but I'm guessing it could. Stress very definitely can cause it to rise. What are you so stressed about? Anything we can help with?

Feel better soon,


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My BP is back to normal for me but my pulse is still 90, it's usually 60. I can't believe I'm going from one symptom to another. If I can get my hypoglycemia under control I think I will be a little less stressed. I'm having to make myself eat in order not to crash & I carry a candy bar in my pocket in case I do. My DH had to go out of town this a.m. so his advice was to tie a bottle of glucose around my neck in case I was about to pass out & not be able to get to sugar. I would look like an old St Bernard. What a thought. I'm still glad I've got a glimmer of a sense of humor left. Thanks .

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I can relate, Alicia. I deal with hypo too. I've heard you mention sugar/candy bars a few times (I've been there!) and just wanted to mention that those were not the optimal ways to keep blood sugar up. All food is fuel. Sugar burns the most quickly. It's like a piece of paper easy combusted by flames. Protein and complex carbs are like coal. They burn steadily for a l-o-n-g period of time. When you eat sugar (or any simple carb, like white bread or pasta) your blood sugar very temporarily spikes and then drops even lower.

It's best to start the day with protein, like a soft or hard boiled egg, with a pice of soft piece of 100% wheat bread. Have some nuts, or yogurt, or cottage cheese, or turkey slices in between meals with some what crackers. Every meal needs to be protein and complex carbs. This is all probablyall old news to you & I know you've been struggling to eat at all. Soft chicken, turkey. fish, eggs, and mushy vegs are palatable even when your stomach is being difficult. Another good idea is fruit, ice, soy, rice or dairy milk all blended up, when you're feeling especially yuck.

Seems like so many of your issues right now are about stabilizing that blood sugar to prevent a faint, keeping up energy, etc. Hope this helps a tiny bit.



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