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Essential Aminos Are Helping My Oi


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Hi All,

You all seem to have a good handle on dysautonomia so I wanted to ask you if you understood this ...

I'm not getting the urge to lay down as often, if at all, or that feeling that blood is rushing into my head and upper body or that pounding feeling from my heart anymore when I do lay down so it's got to be these aminos. :blink: I've been "healthy at rest" for 2 years now and have just been trying to figure out why I still get orthostatic intolerance and PEM.

I was having to lay down for a solid hour every 3 hours to feel "healthy" again. I'm not sure what my BP has been doing because once it normalized via salt loading 2 years ago, I quit taking it.

I've been experimenting with these for about a month now so I'm confident that they're making a difference. For the last 6 months or so, I've been taking other aminos, (carnitine, acetyl carnitine, taurine, tyrosine, DLPA (Phenylalanine) and Lysine) that I heard were good for CFS, but these are the first ones that I've taken that I've noticed anything like this. Although, DLPA + tyrosine combo gave me a bit too much energy but separately didn't do anything. The others appear to have been a waste of money ...

I've been trying to understand how aminos work but in looking at all that essential aminos do for us, it appears that any or all could be responsible. Dysautonomia can have so many causes that any or all of these hold promise.

I have to take 2 of these at a time to get this reaction. I tried and one does nothing for me. And I need them at least twice a day. The only downside I'm seeing is increased digestive gas and the feeling to move faster than my body is used to. Faster is good but it's not a comfortable feeling .. Of course, I have no idea at this point if this is going to last or what. I still get PEM so that's a bummer.

Here's what I'm taking and here are links to what each amino does for us.


L-Histidine 75 mg *

L-Isoleucine 75 mg *

L-Leucine 75 mg *

L-Lysine (as L-lysine HCl) 75 mg *

L-Methionine 75 mg *

L-Phenylalanine 75 mg *

L-Threonine 75 mg *

L-Valine 75 mg *









If anyone wants to try this with me, that would be great .. thanks ... Marcia

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Hi gomindy21,

I'm happy to have some else trying this. Granted this avenue isn't new all together but it may just help a few of us.


I'm not sure if it matters when it comes to taking essential aminos, but are you 'healthy at rest' ? Meaning, if you're rested and not under the influence of a food intolerance, allergy, etc, can you exert yourself and think clearly for a bit ? I've been "healthy at rest" for 2 years now and only begin to feel puny after exerting myself for over 20 minutes.

Up until recently, I had to lay down after 3 hours and I was getting that horrible feeling like my blood was rushing back into my chest and brain. After laying down flat for an hour, I always felt healthy again. I've been trying to figure out why for 2 years now ...

Our bodies burn through our available glucose in 20 minutes so chronic hypoglycemia was something I had to deal with. It may or may not still be a problem, but my GTT is normal now. Even my fasting glucose was good at my last test and came in at 97. Up from 67 2 years ago .. woohoo ...

Several CFS doctors warn about the dangers of boosting energy levels in patients until they reach this point in their healing. On the other hand, essential aminos are the root for over 50,000 aminos, peptides and enzymes so your body needs these anyways. I guess if those who aren't "healthy at rest" try this then we'll know ... B) Go slowly ...

I certainly wouldn't notice any difference in my health if I was still eating gluten, etc. Even minute amounts cause neuro symptoms. BUT I just started taking theanine and 5HTP 4 months ago and have noticed that my gluten reaction (myoclonus and insomnia) has lessened ... The Gluten free stuffing at Thanksgiving nailed me but I got over it much faster. My reaction to theanine and 5HTP is what sparked my interest in other aminos, esp the essential ones ... these are just the most logical place to start supplementing aminos since they are the basis of all aminos.

FWIW... A traditional doctor will run tests to see what kind of POTS or EDS you have and suggest medications but also tell you that these may or may not help you. Experimenting with which drug works for you can go on for a long time and produce some nasty side effects. Also your body may stop reacting to a drug out of the blue or the manufacturer may change the formula slightly which would cause it not to work either.

This testing will come in handy but a holistic practitioner will look for a cause. Some are better than others though but even the best can't tell "you" how you're going to react to a supplement or food, so we really have to learn to listen to our own bodies.

From my experience thusfar and I'm still a work in progress, the most efficient avenue to regaining one's healthy is to look for the cause of your symptoms by having your allergies, food intolerances, parasites, bacteria and nutritional deficiencies identified. I may be new to the idea of self healing, but this is what the holistic community has been saying and practicing for decades.

I'd use blood and stool testing and strict dietary intervention. Some of these tests work better than others so it's best to cover your bases. And whatever you do, Don't get wrapped up in the politics surrounding which is better or trapped into thinking that laboratory tests are the only way to know what your body is doing. :):P:) The bottom line is how something makes you feel ... not what your labs say. My doctor believes in treating the patient, not the labs ...

I'm still looking at what nutrients need to be in place for aminos to break down properly and do their job. So far based on what I've read, I've been taking these with Emergenc since I can't handle any other multis at this point. And I'm taking a chelated mineral supplement. These are the only requirements I've seen so far ...

Gotta run.. hth.. marcia

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yeah I agree that some amino acids may be helpful in OI but not for the reasons suggested in your second post. These amino acids have potent effects on vasoactive chemicals like nitric oxide.

If self healing was the key there would be far less people suffering the debilitating effects of CFS for twenty years plus. The current accepted clinical improvement rate in CFS patients is 5% according to leading American physicians.

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yeah I agree that some amino acids may be helpful in OI but not for the reasons suggested in your second post. These amino acids have potent effects on vasoactive chemicals like nitric oxide.

Just based on the math alone, if taking 8 - 10 essential aminos will lead to our bodies creating over 50,000 aminos, peptides and enzymes, one can only speculate as to what a combo of the essential aminos, non essential aminos, peptides and enzymes can do for us. We need the right combo for so many bodily functions and no one has a crystal ball that can tell them exactly what's interacting with what. From what I've read thusfar, we have some ideas but seriously, how much can they possibly know if so many of the tests are unreliable. Allergy tests are the perfect example and yet they are used and thought by many to be perfect ...

Just curious ... If these were working for nitric oxide, why would I still be getting feelings of fatigue after 20 minutes of exertion or PEM ? Granted it's going to take awhile to feel the full effects from this treatment. I've already been able to cut my dosage from 2 at a time to only 1 but that's only when looking at the symtoms I mentioned previously. Just from what I've read so far, these should help with my feelings of hypoglycemia, etc too.

If self healing was the key there would be far less people suffering the debilitating effects of CFS for twenty years plus. The current accepted clinical improvement rate in CFS patients is 5% according to leading American physicians.

This whole line of thinking has become both funny in an ironic way and discouraging.

What do you do on the internet ? Here's an oportunity for you to learn about healing yourself and it appears to be passing you by. Not just you, I see others on the web doing this too. You can't learn about holistic healing unless you visit sites or threads where people discuss healing and you're open minded to learning new things.

Have you ever visit any gluten free websites ? The personal stories are true ... www.celiac.com or www.glutenfreeandbeyond.org

Or ever follow the line of thinking of someone who's healing themselves ? Or seeing a doctor who is helping them ?

Have you heard of leaky gut or done any research on this ?

We've had this discussion before so I know you've heard of DAN but do you know what they're doing ? Do you realize that they are healing kids from autism ? Not all but quite a few. Most are reacting to the GFCF diet but some get stuck after that. Personally, I have to wonder after meeting a few mothers of autistic kids at Health Food Stores, just what those that are failing are feeding their kids.

To begin with those GF foods aren't gf. We don't have any standards in the US and they are talking about 20 ppm being ok ... When will they realize that 0 = 0 not 5, 10 or 20 ... I met one mother who had tears in her eyes when I told her that her son shouldn't live off GF pretzeles. I understand that she's tired and over her head but this seemed like a no brainer to me. Jenny McCarthy said in her book Mother Warriors, the parents really have to take on the task of healing their kids and many don't do the research so that they understand all the supplements ect. ... kids, like adults, don't all react well to the same supplements.

There are thousands of DAN parents on the web who tell their stories good and bad and are learning from each other. Just google DAN autism to find those sites.

Those leading physicians have no idea what DAN is much less any other holistic treatments. Dr. Oz is trying but he's NOT really educated enough on holistic medicine to help either. Maybe some doc now know more but it's not the standard of care so they can't practice it.

Ever had surgery ? You're doctor sent you home telling you that your body would heal afterwards on it's own. So they know this they just don't have a clue as to how ... otherwise they wouldn't give us antibiotics without telling us to take probiotics afterwards. Or they'd be checking us for nutritional deficiencies to see why we didn't heal on time.

I've been sick 20 years this January and only learned about holistic healing 4 years ago. My trust in traditional medicine and their "no one heals from this" attitude is what was holding me back. I'd hate to see that happen to any of you ...

TC ... Marcia

Ps. I'm sorry but I'm getting ready to go on my first vacation in 20 years because I feeel soooo much better so I can't come back here and discuss this ... read everything you can on leaky gut and DAN ... HTH ... M

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I dont mean to be discouraging, Im just the kind of person that is skeptical until proven otherwise of most of what I read about the causal mechanisms suggested for conditions like CFS and medicine in general.

I think natural healing and all those kinds of things may be helpful where modern medicine cant do anything, but I also think that they trivialise with is obviously a serious and complicated illness.

Often when I find something that works for POTS I try to work out why, but my point is you can really make anything work in any manner of different 'paradigms'. - as an example licorice helps some POTS and CFS patients. The average CFS patient assumes its because it has some anti viral and immuno-stimulating effects, but it also has potent vasoactive properties - increasing blood pressure, volume, modulates the adrenal axis and has also been found to suppress autoimmune activity - so the fact that it helps doesnt automatically demonstrate why it helps or which mechanism is really the problem.

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This is a slight tangent to this thread, but related by being another reason to consider some protein supplementation. It is also a partial argument against strict carb restriction, notably the observation that proteins & carbs together prevent catabolism better than either alone. This tends to be used in exercise enthusiast regimes. If concerned with carb effects, it can translate into a compromise such as general carb restriction (generalized use of slow-carbs), with strategic timing of carbs (even fast ones) during post-exertion (and/or during exertion) in combination with essential proteins. This can help with dieting where one is cycling between loss & build phases (it is generally difficult to lose fat & build/keep muscle so cycling between is needed for many). Can apply to those with limited ability to exercise.


(the endojournal link being key)

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  • 1 month later...

Hi again,

I wanted to come back and update you all on this. I'm still doing quite well on these. I have since figured out that by taking 2 first thing in the morning and 2 every few hours after that, I don't feel the urge to lay down aka drop like I used to. And my post exertional malaise is not as bad. If I have it at all anymore.

I'm getting tired of course, but I'm staying so busy during the day that I have to assume that even a healthy person would be tired from all this. Seeing as how I've been resting and sick for 20 years, no doubt I'm deconditioned too. I'm trying to make myself rest more nowadays since I don't want to take a chance on crashing. FWIW. I went on vacation for a week and didn't crash though ... :lol:

The key is to take these several times a day, usually 6 total daily, and make sure that I'm getting other nutrients and plenty of calories too. It took me awhile to figure out that I was burning more calories than I was taking in some days so I have to watch that too.

HTH ... Marcia

PS. This treatment is all just a part of healing myself from the effects of leaky gut. If you google leaky gut treatments you'll see how this works.

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Hi there .. it's cheap really. I use Solgar free form essential aminos and get mine at Vitamin Shoppe for $21 - $24 for 90.

In my first post on this thread, I gave a link for Solgar essential aminos .. the ones I'm taking. If this link doesn't work, just google it. I tried protein powders (another source of amino acids) but never noticed anything from them much less an improvement like this ... Oh and I find that I have to take 2 at a time but it's best to start any new supplement slowly ...

HTH ... Marcia

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