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Our Worst Nightmare...

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I sat down in a restaurant last night. I downed my preparatory glass of water, ready to eat my standard half meal. I reached for the salt shaker. It wasn't next to the pepper. Confused, I twirled around the condiment contraption, expecting to find our version of oxygen hiding under some menus or promotional fliers, but it wasn't there. I looked over at the next table. Nothing. I glanced at the one behind us, and in front of us, and across the way, and three tables back. NOTHING.


Luckily, my meal was full of salt, so I didn't freak out. It was 9 p.m. on a Sunday, so I'm hoping they just snatched all the salt shakers to refill them for the next day, but part of me is wondering if they decided to make salt a request-only item. Wouldn't that be awful? Our restaurant outings would have to proceed as follows:

SERVER: "Can I get you something to drink?"

DYSAUTONOMIA PATRON: "I'll just have some water, and some salt, please--on the side."

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AACCKK!!!! I pray salt never goes "underground".... Can you see an illegal "Salt Club"?? Sneaking down a back ally to get our "fix"? LOL!!

A few months ago, my sister and her husband had gone to a resort with her son and daughter-in-law. DIL developed a sore throat and Sis knew a salt water gargle would help. She sent her husband down to the restaurant for salt.... He returned with a saucer of salt! Apparently, they didn't have any of the little packets.

Salt..... Ahhhh......

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I used to save every salt package I could find and save them in empty medicine containers. lol!

Today I found, TRADER JOES, "sea salt brownies," I WAS ALL GIGGLES AND GRABBED THEM RIGHT UP. ; )


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Oh my gosh, I've posted about Trader Joe's sea salt brownies before!! Haha. They're amazing.

I really did keep my cool. My boyfriend was with me and he was like, "Are you sure? I can ask for you..." Then he likened POTSies not being able to find salt to dreaming about getting up in front of your class in your underwear.

He's the best.

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Unfortunately, I'm like Ramakentesh in that salt just doesn't do much for me. It seems like I'm using a lot, but perhaps I'm not using enough? I do use NUUN tablets in my water every day for the electrolytes, though. This seems to help a little.



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makes a big difference to me. I wake when my bp is low and I'm drawn to the kitchen to eat and like in the documentary with the doctor wake with curmbs in my bed and food dishes all around me. Saltly things mixed with sugar I'm haveing blood sugar problems as well. my little dog seem to wake me also as if knowing when I need help. My little white angel~

love that little dog~


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