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Pass Out After Eating?..?? This Is A First


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I've been posting almsot a question a day lately. (still new with POTs diagnosis, still learning.. *)

So this morning I woke up, scooted down stairs and ate breakfast. About 10-20 mintues later, I'm staggering, slowly come to my knees and eventually the floor. Slow faint I guess. I came to quickly, but still feel like I'm going to faint again...

I didn't eat anything out of the ordinary- I'm gluten free and dairy free...



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Did you eat a lot? Sometimes if you eat too much your blood pressure can fluctuate or you can stimulate your vagus nerve and cause a crash. I get sleepy when I eat too much so I have to settle for quick, light meals or nibbles.

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It sounds like post prandial neuro blood volume drop. Something that most pots patients have. When you eat, your blood flow fluctuates to your digestive area to work on digestion. Since pots pts have problems in that area, it really focusses in on it.

That leaves a lot less blood for your head. I've seen small naps recommended for the time after meals.

Hope this helps,


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Guest tearose


Maybe you caught a virus? Something has changed, obviously.

When my digestion starts shutting down I switch to a different diet and after two to three days I'm usually okay.

How about switching to liquid and easy to digest foods?

I would try soft, warm foods and smaller, more frequent meals.

It was suggested I use a protein/meal enhancer when this happens too.

feel better,


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I don't have POTS, but have reactions after eating large meals and problems in the morning when I eat and take a shower/wash my hair--too much activity all at once.

The smaller meals suggestion is one of the best and make sure the foods are easy to digest, no fried or really heavy foods.

I have gotten very weak after a large meal and come close to passing out. If this is new to you, it could be something else, don't automatically assume everything is POTS.

Hope you feel better.


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I really knew something was wrong with me when I'd be eating and would get very faint and especially when I'd go to restaurants and I'd get this weird faint feeling along with a palpation and shortness of breath all at the same time and after dealing with it so many times. I started avoiding going out to eat and it started happening at home also and I found if I kinda lay and eat it doesn't affect me as much. From what I read its from the abdominal pooling, I don't have much of an appetite to eat six small meals a day so I eat large meals while laying and I suffer alittle a few hours after I eat but it beats the faintness for me...


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