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Lyrica Update


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Hello all- I just wanted to update on my Lyrica experience. I have been taking it for a little under 4 weeks (50mg) two times a day. At first I did not like it... it made me sleepy and hungry. Now I am finding that it is really helping me.

I have gone 4 days without a nap!!!! I only have a headache when I am due for the next dose. My energy is up and my IBS is better. My weight is now stable.

Anyway I wanted to tell anyone with hyper-pots, fibro, migraines, and IBS that this is the best med I have found yet. I am also on a beta blocker, klonopin (at bedtime) and Lexapro (which I think does nothing but my dr doesn't want to take me off it. I have not had any new meds in a few months so I really credit the Lyrica for helping me.

I will say I felt worse for the 2 weeks.... now you would have to pry it out of my cold dead fingers to take it away. Less pain is a wonderful thing.

For those of you with everything I have except the IBS... you may be able to take something for the constipation. Anyway I sadly am not "cured" and not even where I could work... but I am hoping someday soon to go to the market by myself.

Hope this helps someone else- For me I am giving the Beta-blocker, klonopin and Lyrica the thumbs up... remembering I was on death's door step in March of '09.

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