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Happy Halloween


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My community celebrated Halloween last nite. I drove behind, while my husband and 2 sons did all the walking. When we were getting ready to go my husband told me he was gonna walk while I drove so I would have some energy left for our "Adult" halloween. He has such a way of telling me what to do in a nice way. I don't know if any of ya are like me but when someone tells me something to do that I don't want to do I have a major problem with it. I hate to set limits for myself when I am having fun. Obviously my husband has realized this and he has learned how to help me without seeming like a "father bearing down on a child." I hope you all have fun. There is a lot of churches having festivals tonite so I think we will take the kids to a few of those. Everyone be safe, be careful and have fun.

:) BOO!!!


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