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Iv Hydration Questions

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I have been having to get a TON of IVs lately and I have some questions about IV hydration.

-Does it make anyone else really tired to get an IV? I always get sooooo sleepy and achey towards the end of the hydration and then for the rest of the day. Anyone know why?

-What can help when the IV is put in wrong and the fluid gets into your tissues instead of your vein? It hurts a lot and I was wondering if I would treat it like I would treat swelling?

-Are there any negative effects from getting a lot of IVs?

-My veins are getting harder and harder to deal with and I'm getting poked several times before the doctors are able to find one that works. It also has been getting a lot more painful for me to have the IV in. Will this get worse as I get more IVs?

-Does anyone else get hives from the IV? I thought it was the tape they used, so now they are using other stuff to hold my IV in place, but I'm still getting hives around the IV site.

And just on a funny note, while they were putting the IV into today "You're so Vain" came on the radio and it made me giggle. :0P

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I have an IV once a week.

Though they can dump the fluid into me fast, it just comes right out and makes me feel sick, so it is done over a 4 hour period so it's nice and slow. I make sure that I drink water and eat salt during this time period as it seems to help the IV fluid stay in me longer. Perhaps they could do it slower... That was a big thing for me.

I had an IV done once that hit a nerve and once where they got the fluid into the tissues (I think my veins SEE the needle coming and hide) and the only thing that helped was time and then ice/heat. The heat seemed to help the best, but that may just be me. I'm always cold.

I'm a bad stick if I'm cold. Have them put a hot compress on your arm; that seems to help me. I have no idea if it gets worse. I have one good vein. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it stays "good".

No experience with hives from the tape (fingers crossed). You shouldn't get hives from the fluid, it's just saline after all. Perhaps talk to an allergist.

Good luck!


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