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Wheel Chairs Anyone?


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Borrowed a wheel chair for a short time...till I get back on my feet(or so I thought). Am at the point where I realize this is something I'm going to have to learn to live with. I have lived with it(if that's what you call constant Drs appt. and er visits) all of my life. Now I'm at a point where I actually want to live. No more missing events at my kids school, no more having someone push me around in a chair, and most importantly getting back some of my independence.

I've been looking for a motorized wheel chair. Does anyone have any pesonal recommendations? I need one that has adjustable foot rests(I fair best with my legs up...I tend to get less tachy), and a reclining back(if possible,not a must)... oh and of course affordable. It's important that I find one...I have five little ones who need their mommy.

If anyone knows a good place or knows anyone looking to get rid of one(will buy used), PLEASE let me know.

Thanks sooooooooo much,



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Check craigslist in your area (they are world-wide now.) Put out a "Wanted" post there. Go to a medical supply store and ask if anyone "knows" of someone who is wanting to get rid of one. The last and least favorable, but most productive method may be to go to several Assisted Living facilities and talk to their managers; ask them if they know of any "former" resident's families who have/had one that no longer needs it (my in-laws have a very nice power-chair that was my husband's Grandmother's, but I pray that I don't need it soon!) If insurance covered your wheelchair, they may cover your scooter. Have you called your insurance?

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I would also first check with your insurance. That way you can be fitted for you that has everything you need. If your insurance will only pay for one kind of wheelchair you can pay just for any upgrades you need usually. Also, when you call your insurance make sure you say you need it for in your home. Most insurance won't cover a wheelchair just so you can shop, go to work etc.

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Hello there pretty in Pink,

I'm still waiting for my power chair. I had to have a Cardiac PT evulation at a clinic in our City. They were the only one in the area who did a cardiac eval. This has been going on since August. Now the wait is on power recline which I need due to the numbers seen at my most recent TTT tests. for documantation.

It won't even be delelivered till the ramp is installed which is a whole other ball game and then I don't even have a van to use it in. It will give me aaccess to the neighborhood, library, stores down the street, and give me a social life beyond the bed, but snow will be here before it will.

I have asked for an extra wheel chair for the family to assist me in for family outings and they will REQUEST ONE FROM the insurance company, but it will not be an ultra light on anything fancy. They say if they ask for another chair it will look like I can walk well yeah, it's my heart do you understand the situation. I went for a cardiac evualation!!!!! I can't walk or I'll be in tachy but I can get up and go to the bathroom and could use a regular one for a few mins when my family is chasing the 2 year old across the room. Do they want to buy me a new van to travel in also? I don't get it?

So if you have a cardio Dr. have them get you a cardio eval?

They decide what you need and bring all the documentation from your doc with you. I was my doctor's first patient needing a chair.

If you need "power" by your heart rates and Blood Pressures and don't have a van to carry such a chair, you may need an additional chair. I need the power for cabs to doctors, hospitals, stores, by buses and cabs.

I'm sooooo tired since I tried to pretend to be a fun Nannie on halloween."Booo," the joke was on me and I've been in bed ever since. Can't wait to get to the hospital tomorrow. Hope this was somewhat helpful.


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I got my powerchair after prowling craigslist for many months. My insurance was awful: they would pay $2000 toward my chair, but only if I got it through a certain company, which sold only very expensive models at retail price. I would have been spending a minimum of $5000 out-of-pocket if I went with insurance. As it was, I spent $1000 for a practically-new Invacare Pronto M51.

About the ramp situation: I cannot afford an accessible vehicle either. I have two solutions.

1: We bought a folding ramp for less than $300 that fits in my mother's ford escape. I'm not endorsing any company or product, but you can see photos of an example set at http://discountramps.com/portable-wheelchair-ramps.htm (TIP: get the 8-foot ramp for easiest leading/unloading of your chair!)

2. Check with the local public transportation bureau (for example, the "T"). Often, they have a program for disabled passengers. In Boston, it's called "The Ride." I can arrange to be picked up at home by an accessible bus for a very small fee. This gives me freedom when my parents can't shuttle me around. Again, just an example, is http://www.mbta.com/riding_the_t/accessibl...ult.asp?id=7108

We all reach the point of deciding that a wheelchair is preferable to missing out on life. My sympathy AND congratulations on making it to that point. Good luck and God bless!


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thanks for the the links. I love using the mbta t. even if i get more nausea on it as sometimes they send a whole bus just for me. i have met the nicest people and they take really good care of me and told me when my wheel chair comes, no problem! I feel so blessed!


i wish you the very best of luck also.



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I have junior merits chair. It is smaller than your traditional power wheelchair, which makes it more portable. I can't lift it but my dad can lift it in and out of the car.

In order for insurance to cover a power wheelchair you must meet the following criteria (This holds true for most insurance companies)...

-You must be bedbound without one. Insurance does not approve wheelchairs for quality of life.

-You must be unable to operate a manual chair. In my case, I was unable to operate a manual chair because of ehlers danlos syndrome and joint dislocations.

I love my wheelchair. It has given me my life back. I'm still really sick, but it has made such a big difference in what I am able to do.

You also need your someone to complete a wheelchair assessment.

For me, I wasn't bedbound all the time, but I was bedbound on some days, and my doctor felt that was enough...in my letter of medical necessity he just wrote that I would be bedbound without it...

The best way to go about getting a chair is to work with a durable medical equipment provider (go on your insurance's website and find one that they accept). The durable medical equipment company will generally go out of their way to help you get approved--so they make money!

If you don't qualify for a chair and your doctor is not willing to write a letter of medical necessity, then you will have to try to find a chair that someone no longer needs. MDA has some resources...but in general, wheelchairs are hard to come by...

Good luck! PM me if you have any questions...I know I had plenty when I was going through the process!

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If you have a place called The Scooter Warehouse in your area they have some pretty affordable one there as low as 600.00 and they do have layaway thats what I plan on doing and they are the lightweight portable ones that fit in the trunk of a car.


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