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So...if It Isn't The Polyps...

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Went to the general surgeon today and he ordered a HIDA scan for Monday before deciding to do surgery. He's not 100% sure that I even have polyps. He says they might just be stones that fell off and got stuck in the lining. O.o

He's confused because the range of food I eat isn't the same for gallstones. I told him the things I can eat are chicken, potatoes, popcorn, spicy things don't bother me, non-fat things don't bother me (non-fat cheese, milk, and non-fat foods), french fries, eggs, turkey, anything that isn't bread, no sugar, no sweets, no fats.

He says I shouldn't be able to eat spices or grease. I say I can go to McDonalds and chow down on a Kids Meal or McChicken with Fries so long as I don't eat the bread and I'm just peachy. The minute I eat the bread I could just die. I can eat a bunch of 0 Trans Fat Chili Cheese Corn Chips and yet I can't eat more than one bag of Baked Cheese Doritos or I want to die. It doesn't make sense and sounds more like Celiac or something of that nature.

But if that's the case, then why can't I eat fat either?

So yeah, it's almost like my gallbladder has gone insane. If you even touch him, he hurts. He poked him earlier and it hurt and ever since I've been 'kicked' periodically with sharp pain up until an hour ago. So Charlie (polyp one) and Phillip (polyp two) are being onery for no cause why...

Any thoughts? And is this HIDA scan going to hurt?

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Good luck on trying to resolve the problem.

Be sure you get the HIDA scan with contrast. I suggest that you check out this site as this topic as come up numerous times. A regular HIDA scan dees not always show a gall bladder as was my case. The scan with contrast did show a great reduction in gb functioning. It also provoked a minor GB pain.

The test was not a biggie for me.


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