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Any One Get This? Not Sure What To Do?


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Hi all!

I was curious if anyone else has ever had a similar experience, and if you know what these symtoms normally indicate? Is it normal IBS or urinary pain or something else more serious?

So, I had this intense pain wake me this morning about 3 hours into sleeping, and quite a while since injesting food. It was this wave-like, rolling, cramping pain. It felt like some one squeezing and kneading my insides. The pain went from pectoral area down to a little above where menstral cramps would normally radiate from in the lower abdomen. The pain is mainly in the front of the abdomen, but I have felt a little in my shoulder blades. Earlier I could hardly get out of bed, it took me like 20 minutes to get myself to the point to be able to get up to go to the bathroom. I was having different pangs of needing to urinate, almost like because it gave more room or something in it was toxic to my body. But, it wasn't the gotta go feeling, but rather a my bladder really wants to get rid of this feeling. Weird...

The worst of the pain is in the upper middle abdomen, and probably a little more on the left than the right. It went on full blown for a few hours and I slept it off. I took ibuprofen which seemed to calm it, thank goodness!!! Because the pain was a 6-7 out of 10 and I was close if it didn't subside to get my dr. to see me today. But, it did get better.

Now, I have this raw sandpaper type feeling in my abdomen. And these every once and a while pangs of pain in the upper left quadrant. Sometimes it even feels like warm liquid swishing around. Again, weird...

Anyone have a similar experience? Is this a non-normal IBS etc. thing, and more of a go to the dr thing or is this just IBS type symptoms that I really hadn't had before. It really didn't even feel like bowel or stomach pain. It felt more urinary or something else... I don't think I have ever had anything quite like that...

Any input would be helpful and appreciated! <_<

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Thanks for you reply! Yes, I do still have my gallbladder, and had been wondering about it, and figuring it will likely come out some time. Most of my drs. of not shown any interest in it or liklihood of it causing any of my symptoms before. With having had my appendix out and my mom having her gallblader removed I have pretty much always figured that my gallbladder would come out sooner or later. I am waiting to see how things go the next couple of days, and see dr. if things pick up again.


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I also had similar pain when my gallbladder needed to come out. Have them do a HIDA scan, but remember - up to 80% or so of women do NOT show anything on their scans or other tests, so a negative test does not mean you don't have a poorly functioning gallbladder! Both my tests were normal, but my gallbladder had completely shut down.

Another idea for your urinary symptoms might be interstitial cystitis. It can cause a lot of pain and weird urinary urges. I have this, and it's not much fun. However, you can treat both of these things, which is good news. Good luck!



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I have had this sort of pain before, it's not nice, and it makes you wonder whether you need to take a trip to the ER. I get it when I'm generally autonomically run down (which doesn't take much!) And somehow, like yousaid, it involves peeing/bladder/intestines/rib cage/ everything! I can't tell you what it is, and it might be worthwhile me checking out my gallbladder too, but with me it goes away after 3 or 4 hours...


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