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Doctors on the west coast?

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HELP!!! I have had POTS/NCS for 4 years now, and unfortunately each year it has gotten worse. The first 2 years was spent on doctors that would say it was "all in my head". Now, although I do have a diagnosis, I cannot find a doctor that knows about dysautonomia and will treat me! Dr. Grubb has even sent my physician a plan to follow concerning medications if I feel worse, but she won't follow it because she doesn't feel comfortable. I am going to see a doctor in Redmond on thursday that treats someone with dysautonomia, but if anyone knows of other doctors I would love to know! Also I know Ehler's Danlos is connected with POTS patients, and if anyone with EDS has any ideas to help with pain that would be great!

Ashli, OR

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You will find it difficult to find any doctors in this area anywhere on the West Coast. I fly to Ohio to see Dr. Grubb.

I have a primary that follows Dr. Grubb's recommendations (thank God!) I also have a cardiologist here in Portland that diagnosed me and knows a little bit about POTS and Dysautonomia, I know I'm not his only patient. But if you want someone that has a lot of experience with this illness I think you'll need to travel back to the Midwest or East coast.

Feel free to email me if you need more.


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