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Not being able to lift arms


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Hello, I had something scary happen to me yesturday, about 3/4 through my day Both of my arms got very weak and it seemed like it was impossible to lift them up at all. As if there were weights on them. I just went home and slept. I remember that morning before I left the house my husband said I looked white as a gost. Has anyone been through this?

Thanks Kimberley

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Kimberly, that really sounds like something you should tell your doctor.

I get transient weakness in my arms due to spinal problems and nerve compression, but it typically doesn't have a sudden onset/offset for me... I can usually relate it to breaking the doctor's rule about lifting beyond a certain weight limit (permanent 20 lb limit), of overdoing physical activity in general.


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I experience a similar feeling when I've just used my muscles beyond their capacity...like if I am exercising vigorously, or the other day I carried all the Christmas boxes up from the basement and I felt soooo weak I could barely move my arms or legs for hours- needless to say, my naked tree is still sitting in the living room undecorated!! I am off to work on that right now...

I would mention this to your doc just to make sure everything is okay- have you had an MRI and all that good stuff recently?

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That IS a scarry feeling. I've had it happen to me at a meeting and I simply had to get up and leave. Some days it feels like I am moving my arms through thick water ... I assume those are the days I am having really bad CFS (chronic fatigue syndrom) but the more I read about POTS it is anyone's guess why.

I have tried to watch the tension in my shoulders, to see if perhaps I am using some small muscle movements that ar simply depleting my arms without realizing it. And that may be the case for me. I also found that massage therapy helped a great deal. My therapist "released" some things in my back shoulder blades and I have been much better since.

Good luck, let us know what you learn.


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Pretty strange. I have had mornings when I wake up and have no strength in my hands. I can't even turn the lid on the pill crusher to take my morning meds :D. It seems to pass after a few minutes though, but I have never experienced this until a few months ago.

I have even added grip resistance exercises to my already 'weak' workout. I hope it passes and does not become a regular symptom for you. Good luck,


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