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Scoop on Dr. Grubb


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Hi everyone

I just finished talking to Shari at Dr. Grubbs office. Yes Dr. Grubb did have surgery on his neck and the surgery went very well. The doctors wear lead jackets in research causing some pressing on vertebraes which led to numbness on his left side. He did try therapy but the damage was too far gone. He will be out of the office to recuperate but Shari assured me he is coming back..

The address to send cards to Dr. Grubb is:

Medical College of Ohio

Attn: Cardiology/Dr. Blair Grubb

3000 Arlington Avenue

Toledo, Ohio 43614-2598

He has been such a relief with my illness he is definately in my prayers!!


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Guest Julia59

Yes, I remember his neck brace when I saw him on my last visit. Yes, he did do well during the surgery----and he'll be back in no time. I'm praying for a speedy recovery.

Julie :0)

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