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Omg! Dr. Appmt. Went Much Better Than I Figured!!!


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Well after moving to Illinois 2 months ago, I was battling and trying to get into see a PCP. First problem was there was not much at all to pick from. Then, I went with one dr. and had an appmt. to see her scheduled, and the day before the appmt. I got a letter in the MAIL saying that they canceled my appmt!!! :angry: And no mention of rescheduling! So, I called and they said I would have to wait yet another month to see this dr!!! :blink: I needed a PCP do testing and followup stuff, and really did not see how I could continue to wait. So, I asked if I could get in to see any other dr. sooner??? Amazingly, there was a new dr. coming on board the following week and I got into see them last week! YAY! FINALLY!!! :)

I was not sure what to think, and was did not have high hopes. I did say though if it went poorly I would pitch a fit, but lucky for them it went much better than I expected! :D

The staff was kinda grumpy, which set me off in a negative tone for a bit, but luckily I did not let that get to me too much. I did try pretty hard ahead of time to come prepared with my records, what I needed from the appmt, and printouts on everything "me". Thankfully both the nurse and the dr. were very receptive and grateful that I took the time to type up all my meds, diagnoses, symptoms, and prior drs (w/addresses and phone/fax #'s).It made things SO much easier, and they could see I cared and was trying. And that I was trying to make their jobs easier. B)

The dr. introduced himself, and saw the papers on the table, asked about them and started to read. He got to the diagnoses, and said something like "Ah, so you have POTS." I was amazed! He knew what it was, said it right, and didn't seem to be bothered or annoyed by it! If anything he almost seemed "happy" to have a not-so-straightforward patient. What a relief to have a knowledgeable and OPEN-MINDED doctor!!! AMAZING!!!

So, he continued to read what I brought, ask me questions, and did the physical exam. He was done with the exam, and sat back down to ask me some questions, and I was still sitting on the end of the table with my feet dangling. I was not sure what he had planned etc. So, I rolled with it as long as I could. Finally, he asked me a question and I could hardly comprehend the sounds coming from his mouth, so I had to ask to sit in the chair. I think I almost suprised him, but it was very receptive and understanding to the fact I do not sit like that very well. So, I moved, asked him to repeat the question, and proceeded to stumble around to form an answer. AND what did he do after I finished answering the question? He took my BP!!! I was amazed! And HE a DR. took it for the second time!!! He almost seemed intrigued by me, this incredibly odd creature, who only needs the force of gravity to knock her out! My systolic went down 20 mmHg. So, I showed him right then and there! After that at least he knows more of where I am coming from... I couldn't have even planned for it to work like that! :(

So, I was very impressed by my first appmt. I got some blood work done, some referrals to local specialists, and HE asked if I need prescriptions renewed! Amazing! He even agreed (actually quite eagerly) to refer me to the Mayo Clinic (MN). So, we shall see how that plays out.

I just had to share, because I was amazed that there are drs. like that out there!!! AND that my body (for once) decided at an appropriate time to show its true self to a dr. and help them understand what I deal with, and what I need help with.

I am just hoping that future appointments can go just as well (or at least close to it)!!!! :)


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glad that your appt. went better than expected & hope that you continue to have a good relationship w/ the doc....it definitely sounds like you're off to a good start!!

congrats...it CAN happen!

:( melissa

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My experience has been that I appeared "interesting" to the medical student who accompanied my PCP during an office visit. He asked some questions, and he took my pulse in different positions. Fascinating.

For the first introductory office visit, the doctor alloted more time to get to know me. On subsequent visits, the time spent with me diminished, and the interest as well.

I am glad to hear about a doctor's interest in your case. Let us know how subsequent visits are. I hope one of these interested doctors learns as much as possible about this disabling condition.

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