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Mostly Homebound People


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Hello fellow housebounders! :angry:

I am home pretty much 6 days out of 7, though I do go to work (sometimes!) on a Sunday for a few hours. My Husband does kindly take me out of the house when I am going stir crazy, or for shopping etc but I don't like to ask too much as he has a very physical job and comes home very tired. I am 34 and married - 3rd wedding anniversary coming up in a couple of days - and I live in Australia (my husband is American though, I met him there in 2004).

I love Facebook, and emailing! It really helps me feel connected to the world and gives me a good way to interact with people, even when I'm not feeling great. Sometimes the 'face to face' stuff freaks me out because it takes so much out of me. I also like the fact that I can 'go under the radar' if I'm not feeling sociable. It's hard to do that 'face to face' lol.

I keep myself busy, I love making jewelry and doing needlework. I used to work in a needlework store for nearly 11 years so I have a huge stash of thing I'll probably never get to lol. I have two full-time cats, and two part-time cats. My parents travel about 9 months of the year so we look after their two moggies while they are away. I also read alot, I love audiobooks as well as regular books, they're great to pop on the ipod while pottering around the house.

I've always been a bit solitary, so the isolation doesn't affect me as negatively as it does some people, but still, it gets to me sometimes!

Nice to meet you all :(

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hi everyone,

it's nice to get so many replies, although i wish that it was for a more positive reason. right now the only people in my life are my parents. when my friends are in town, it's nice to have them over at night. i don't care if the place is messy (which it is). it's hard thought to meet new people.

what do you say? "well you'll have to come over here, and i hope you don't mind if i'm in my pajams". i find that it's really hard for people to understand. anyway, right now i'm too sick for that. i'm coming off of a medication, which has been a nightmare. hopefully, after th at i'll feel a little better.

knittng for charity is a good idea. that's pretty much all i do, besides watch tv. i knit chemo caps.

anyway, i was thinking that it can be hard to set up a chat room when we are all up, although kudos to anyone who even knows how to set up a chat room. i would like to find someone who maybe is sick but also has some similar interests as me. i used to talk to a girl who was around the same age, and we would just e-mail every few weeks, and talk about being sick, and whatever else that was going on in our lives. we also talked a lot about who we were before we were sick. we sort of lost touch along the way, but it was nice for a while.

so anyway, maybe we could all try to find a pen pal--someone who isn't just sick, but also shares some interests. what do you guys think?

i'll start. here's my bio. i'm 33, single, been sick for 10 years, was in medical school when i got sick, and love to knit. i'm not particularly religious, which i guess is unfortunate since a lot of people find great comfort at church. okay, i'd write more, but the computer is bothering my head.

hope some people are having some good days.

take care,


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Earthmother, you described my situation perfectly. I prefer to be at home when I'm not feeling well which means I spend much of my time there. I'm usually alone during the day until my husband gets home from work. I've lost contact with old co workers and it's probably for the best because I wouldn't be able to get together or make plans with any of them. I wouldn't say I'm agoraphobic although anxiety does play some a part in it all. Sometimes I have to honestly ask myself if I'm staying home because it feels safe or is it because I truly don't feel well enough to go out.

Most of my close friends and family live in Los Angeles, so much of my contact with people is by phone, email and Facebook. I don't want to post my real name on here so I'll PM those of you on FB with it.

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