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Good News My Hearing Is Really Good, But Where's The Mastoid Fluid From


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My hearing test was perfect----------in fact the woman who did the testing said my hearing was REALLY, REALLY GOOD, and the best she has seen on a 50 year old.

I think my BAER test was normal too. I don't know about the CT scan of the temporal bone they did today yet.

The bad news is that this doesn't explain where the mastoid fluid is coming from, so could be related to my cervical/cranial problems----or a vascular issue in my brain----especially since I have lesions in the deep white matter, and so far no real explanation.

The ENT I saw is an MD, and also a PHd. He thinks this mastoid fluid is really weird too, and wonders if it's something else. It's showed up in three different films. An MRI in 2005, A high resolution CT scan this year, and now the MRI I had done a couple weeks ago. They'll probably compare the other films with the one they did today, and then take it from there. I hope they don't drop the ball on this, I want to know where this fluid buildup is coming from.

It's possible this could affect my hearing from the inside out-------------- :( I'd hate to have my perfect hearing wrecked because of cranial instability an cranail vascular issues that docs won't dig deeper on. My ENT seems to understand, and thinks the docs need to look further into it. I'll see what he has to say on my next appt. next week Wednesday.

Crazy stuff.

Maxine :0)

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Hi Maxine,

Do you have Eustation(sp?) tube dysfunction or bad acid reflux, we were told both of these could have caused my sons unusual form of 'glue ear'. If your Eustasion(sp?) collapses it will not allow fluid to drain away, with EDS it seems that this tube can be a little delicate, when permanent shunts are put in the fluid can once again flow properly.

Bad acid reflux causes the drainage system to swell thus fluid can be retained when it should flow away.

Another thing that might be of relevance, my sons geneticists believes my son's chronic postural headaches are more than likely to do with spinal fluid leaks/pockets, due to his EDS if you look up spinal fluid leaks I am sure there is something about it leaking into sinus cavity and ears etc,

Hope you find some answers soon

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Thanks Anna,

My ENT looked in my ears, and doesn't see anything structurally wrong.

I do think it has something more to do with my cervical/cranial instability and possible CSF leak. MY CINE MRI showed my spinal fluid was partially blocked. It has flow, but it's diminished posteriorly more so then anteriorly. This CINE MRI was done in 2004.

I really have no idea, but this does make sense-------------how else would fluid get back there if I have no middle ear infection history and perfect hearing?

Crazy stuff............ :)

Maxine :0)

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