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How Do You Tolerate Compression Garments?


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Hi all!

So, I have tried a few different forms of compression (thigh high and abdominal) without much luck. I have no real idea how they effect me symptom-wise, because I do not tolerate them very well.

My first issue for fitted thigh high compression stockings I have is getting them on (and later off :P ), because of my joints etc. Every time I have tried compression stockings I end up with at least one sprained joint, normally 2-3! And they then bother me for days. Also, even more unfortunate is if the sprained joints are covered by the compression, because then it just continues to bother that joint the whole time the stockings are on. What do ya'll do to lessen joint "casualties" while putting on compression garments????

I also find them pretty itchy and sweaty... Also, they won't stay up for anything... how do you guys get them to stay up? Suspenders??? B):P

I am (and always have been) super sensitive to sensory input. The whole constant feeling of being squeezed gets to me. I am someone who likes looser clothes, nothing too tight. Sometimes can't tolerate much of the way of bedding etc... Can't stand tight hats, turtlenecks, tight sleeves etc... Anyone else like this? Did it get better over time?

Back on the topic of how my joints react to the compression... Because of the way the compression "forces" your joints to line up/act/react I feel like in the compression I have more joint issues, and eventually I end up injuring myself because I am not moving "normally" for myself... Anyone else get this??? Does it get better??? :unsure:

I try compression one day, I need like a week to recover from it!!! <_< It also takes WAY too much physical energy to put them on! I almost always pull an abdominal muscle when I put them on as well. That then bothers me for days...

So... at this point the possible benefit for me is not outweighing the negatives. Do these negatives get better over time, to become worth it?

Any secrets out there??? :)

I still have yet to actually put my hands on the type of abdominal compression that I have wanted. SO, if you have a favorite and it is online, can you post a link or a picture etc??? So, far either what I have tried doesn't stay in place or creates too much heat, and sends me into an instant tailspin. I get overheated and nausous... near faint. I think my issue that b/c of the neuropathy I mainly "breathe" through my core, and this totally suffocated my core from breathing.

Any ideas??? Am I the only one with these type of issues with compression??? :blink:



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I'm afraid I don't have any answers for you, just commiseration. I have compression hose that have an opening for the toes, and then go up to my waist. 20-30 weight. I cannot even get these on by myself, and when I do succeed in coercing someone else to help, they don't seem to do anything for my BP, and I'm just very hot and itchy. I hate them with a passion. I'm also in Tucson, AZ, so they're just too darn hot to wear most of the year, even indoors.

If anyone has a secret to getting these torturous devices on, please let us know. I did get mine from a medical supply store, through my insurance, and if you're interested I can get you the brand - I've actually already posted it on another post regarding c hose.

Keep trying, and good luck! I know they help a lot of people.



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I personally am not a fan of the thigh high stockings...they are just quite bothersome! However I wear knee high stockings everyday!!! And they make a HUGE difference for me. But I have really extreme blood pooling, so depending on whether or not you actually have a lot of blood pooling it might not be worth it for you.

From what you say so far, I would say that it doesn't benefit you to wear the stockings. If however you feel like you have a lot of blood pooling that needs to be under control, maybe you should try using just the knee high stockings.

Good luck!


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Another trick I learned as a nurse when I was putting these on other people was to put a small plastic baggy over your foot. Getting the bulk of the hose over your heel seems to be the hardest part and the plastic lets it slide on easier. Also, I've heard putting baby powder in the hose or on your skin can make it easier, but I've never tried it myself. Could you have someone help you? I've had a couple of hip surgeries and, at first, was just too painful to pull the hose up on my sore leg. But I held my leg with both hands around my calf and had someone else slide it over my foot and pull it up which kept the strain off my hip and knee. I'm not hypermobile, so I don't know if this will help you or not!

They are a pain, but I notice a big difference in my symptoms if I don't wear them for several days in a row. However, I've been wearing waist-high for a couple weeks during the day and it seems it's creating problems in the female area (probably from lack of air flow) :( . If it's not one thing, it's another.

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I could complain for hours about all the downsides of the compression wear I've tried. These days though, I've found something that works the best for -me-.

I wear the Marena f5 certified torso/hips compression wear. It doesn't seem to pinch my hips too much if I wear it the right way, and right size. Blood pools in my legs, but after a little bit, it isn't so bad----my legs feel a tiny bit heavier than they should, but blood keeps up in my head, which is the goal. I've noticed that blood -usually- pools in my abdomen when I'm not wearing compression wear, so I'm completely dependent on wearing it now. It makes a huge difference, and now I feel naked and weak without it. It's f5 certified, which means it's approved for medical use and wear after surgeries, and it breathes and is not itchy. It also absorbs my sweat pretty well, which is nice---but it MAKES me sweat during weather over 78 degrees, so that's a downside. I have to wash it in the sink every day (not machine washable) because I get it so sweaty.

There are ones that go all the way down to your ankles, and they're okay, but it bunches up behind my knees and ends up kind of hurting my skin, and it also presses against my fat layer a bit too tight where the body suit ends. Over time there's a permanent compression on my ankles/legs/whichever one I wear. It's actually kind of deformed my fat =/ So now I just stick to the legless ones, that is sort of like a leotard with an buttoned up crotch. That one doesn't seem to squeeze my hips too much, and it's just enough compression for my torso.

I can only wear the ones with the shoulder straps---some are comfy and others rub against the sides of my arms. I don't know why some are different, could be size. But if I don't have the shoulder straps, it falls down or rolls down during the day. I don't know how the heck anyone is able to wear them all day and not have them roll down my ribcage/torso. I'm mystified by that lol

They're expensive =( They stretch out over time, and you have to be careful with them because if they rip or the lining tears, it unravels. Buuuut, they're the best I've tried!

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My children find sports compression gear helpful, daughter wears leggings a lot (she should wear them all the time but fashion prevails) you have to shop around as some have little compression but others are great very well engineered. My boys wear compression, socks & T shirts, T hold their tummy's in very well. These garments are better for getting into as well, my kids had tights proscribed but we all dislocated our fingers and wrist trying to put the things on, but not so much problem with the stuff they have now.


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Guest tearose

Although getting into my compression hose does take time, I have learned little ways to help myself get these on. I am so much better with my hose on that I MUST wear them! They make my heartrate come down, my bp go up, which helps my body regulate temperature better and think better. Since this helps, I can't think of a reason not to use them!

Things I do that helps getting them on,

Get into them as early in the day after rising as possible. Your legs have not started pooling then and it will be easier to get them on. After my shower, I dry off well and use powder on my legs. I often use abdominal compression as well and this goes on before the hose. I usually sit on the floor and start scrunching these up my legs carefully. I work them up to my knees and then lay down on the floor and elevate my legs on the end of the bed while my back is on the floor. I then continue to pull the pantyhose up my thighs while doing this acrobatic maneuver with my body. I do this to keep my heart rate lower as I work hard to get these up and on. After they are on it takes about twenty minutes to really feel like my body has adjusted to the change in pressure. I can feel the squeeze more when they are first on and then they feel more settled in...like they are doing what they are suppose to do.

I notice that if I am more fluid swollen or I put on a few extra pounds or I am trying to get these on later in the day, that I may need a different size or level of compression to compensate. They are to fit properly. It is not like our shoes that usually fit, the hose has less room for expansion. You may need to start with a much lower level of compression and just try and observe what feels better during the day. Take your bp and hr to see changes when you are compressed or not.

At the Mayo Clinic, I naturally did my TTT without compression. After 8 minutes of standing fairly "normally" I suddenly triggered a PSVT. In my daily life, if I stand still in compression hose, I usually have about 15 minutes of stand ability before starting to feel like I must sit down. These hose improve my quality of life! I am able to do so much more. I can even do a little dance once in a while!

I would encourage you to try again before you give up on these.

best regards,


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tea rose, I thank you for your info. I have not gotten my real compression yet just the spanks and leggings. We were in a hurry to leave Mayo on a Friday afternoon and I did not get measured. I am going to make an appointment today to give it a try- maybe I could be doing much better.

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Thanks everyone for great ideas and thoughts! Keep any ideas coming!!! :)

I still am unsure how to keep them up on my legs? Anyone else have this issue? How do you deal with it? I even have the type of stocking with the material around the top that is not supposed to slide... It is like the stuff you put under rugs so they don't slide around. I don't get it... :rolleyes: I think they just can't stand me! :lol:

Oh, and they are open toe. I may have to go back to trying just knee high... And yes, I am quite the pooler! Learned that from that CC testing! (the hard way, not sure though there is an easy way to learn you are a pooler) :)

Thanks y'all!!!


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I don't wear compression because I rarely pool in my legs (I have a problem with my feet that causes my leg muscles to work extra hard, so I have serious runner's calves even though I don't run anymore and haven't in run in about two years) and most days I cannot stand to have a real waistband on, let alone compression. However, I have a tongue-in-cheek suggestion for how to keep you thigh highs up. In general, the ones with the silicone strips in the top will stay up better (this is what they use to keep panty hose and strapless bras in the bigger sizes up). Ok, here goes my suggestion, Why don't you buy a garter belt? If you aren't going to be wearing abdominal compression, you could use a garter belt to keep them up (generally preferable to suspenders, but the same effect). You can still buy the belts from a few retailers that cater to older ladies and also in colors in the sexy lingerie shops and catalogs. You could also try wearing a Spanx over your hose. Pulling the Spanx up would trap your hose under the leg bands, and they would probably remain in the upright position. Another option is using athletic tape to tape them to your legs. Not all tape is horrible and sticky anymore. You could also try bikini glue, which pageant girls and sometimes athletes use to keep their swimsuits in place. You can probably find it online. It usually comes in a stick form and is skin friendly. These are kind of silly, but they are definitely all things that you would catch me doing if I was having the problem.

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I just went to yoga with my mom and was able to do a little standing and arm over head stuff.!!!!!

I am layering compression. Yesterday I wore some girdle thing my mom got me that goes from above the knee up to your bra. with full leg support hose (not prescription) on top ......good day!

Today I went to yoga with spanks higher power panties and those compression tights that runners wear (or bikers) but they go to my ankles. I need more compression in my belly and layering seems to be working for me.

I feel smarter with them on. :blink:

I know the compression of spanks is not as much as my prescription but it is easier to get in them, go to the bathroom, and they are less expensive. Also the tights are really durable.

And they make me look like I can run fast haha :P .

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The once a week evening out, I put on the compression knee highs and after about an hour, dizziness overtook me and I could not turn my head or barely walk and it lasted for several hours. They make my legs very hot and itchy. I was told to use powder and rubber gloves to pull them on and I need help to pull them off. In my cold house they are ok. We keep our house about 66 or less year round. Cleveland Clinic told me to wear the knee high type. Many years ago I was told that compression on the abdomen was the best. We can just guess what way will be best next!! Hope you find something that works for you!!

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