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Kidney Update


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I had my nephrology appointment yesterday, and after being poked, prodded, scanned, collected and analyzed: my kidneys are fine.

What the doc did say was that NONE of the bloodwork that any other doctor has done or will do will be accurate for me because of some still unknown sodium non-retention or blood volume issues. I figure it is that POTS/hypovolemia thing again and that I'm pushing pea-soup through my veins! He was certain that it was not a kidney issue and thinks I need to go back to my endocrinologist. :blink: He said that he would make sure that my insurance company knows that I am not in stage 3 kidney failure, and that he would tell my doctors the same.

So, while it is good news, it still leaves me hanging. At the end of all this, he did say not to take NSAIDs because they would damage my kidneys and that I should only take Tylenol once every three days if I need it.

I'm beginning to wonder if ANY test will be accurate for anything!

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Great news, but still so frustrating! It's like you have a minute of "Yay - I don't have ....." and then you crash a little and wonder what exactly it is you DO have. Here's hoping for answers, and more good news.



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