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I Finished My Tests


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I know a few things. I Have right bundle block, a murmur, two valve regurgs. All of those are first findings but could be due to my age I guess.

I don't think any of them are a big deal. I just returned the hollter monitor. Nothing interesting happened that I felt, but haven't had any feed back.

I mentioned previously that he said they are taking norpace off the market . I know he wants me off - he made that clear. But if my tests are good he said he would write me a script because I told him I'm disabled without it....etc.

ANYWAY. I plan to request a pacemaker if he wants me off the Norpace. The pacemaker would be for Bradycardia. As far as I know success with a pacemaker for Bradycardia is 100%. And since I may be losing my INS. And the Norpace is 100 a month, a pace maker is looking pretty good right now.

I welcome any insights you guys have.

I see the Dr. again on the 23rd.

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