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Hives Still Acting Up 8 Hours After Allergic Reaction


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My hives are still showing up 8 hours after my bad allergic reaction (when they Benadryl nears the 4 hour mark and is starting to wear off a few pop out). I'm going to try to hold off to 5 hours and see if they stay mild.

They aren't nearly as bad, and otherwise I'm just tired with a slight stomach ache (think I need to eat, too...ugh).

This was my worst reaction in years. The doctors office told me to take Benadryl tonight and go back to Zyrtec tomorrow.

My Zyrtec isn't due until tomorrow evening (I take it at dinner). If I take a Benadryl around 8AM, taking a Zyrtec around 4pm is OK, right? I've taken Benadryl AFTER Zyrtec before, but never before. The Benadryl box says 4-6 hours for using it, so I assume 6 hours after it's pretty worn off.

Thanks for your help. I have a fairly busy weekend and want this mess cleared up. I'm so upset.

PS: How long can hives show up from one reaction?


They are not BUTTER. They are BETTER. Brain Fog POTS! Allergic reactions do this!

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Hey, my son gets hives from butter! :)

Me and my kids take both Zyrtec and Benadryl together: one is long acting (Zyrtec) and one is short acting (Benadryl.) If the hives were from your lipstick, then I would handle it the same as an ingestion and expect/treat the hives for the next couple days. I got a refresher course on allergic reactions two weeks ago when I (accidentally) gave my son an anaphylactic reaction. :(

Be well and good luck!


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Oh Goodness!

It's about a day later and they are finally gone. Whew.

My Zyrtec is due in about 5 hours (they told me not to take it yesterday, just take Benadryl, but I am usually OK with both!) but I might take it soon. And get back on normal schedule tomorrow.

Interesting. Maybe that's why the lipstick was so problematic (ingestion) rather than just a face cream or something.

Butter! How awful! I love butter!

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