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Eds And Glucosamine


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During another PT session for my shoulder (torn rotator cuff/tendonitis) I asked about glucosamine. The physical therapist said that it probably would not help me much since it worked on the cartilage and that my joints were so loose that there was probably no wear or tear on that part. My first thought was "Dang! and I hoped it would help!" my second thought was "Wait, what did you just say about my joints?!" Apparently she does believe that I have some form of EDS. Ever since I had my hips evaluated, apparently she has been watching my Pilates sessions. She said my range of motion is too far to be normal, but not far enough to classify as hypermobility. :) She also said that unless I just needed the "diagnosis" that there was no need to see a rheumatologist since there was nothing that could be done that I was not already doing: strengthening the muscles to tighten the tendons. She also said that my nephrologist would pick up the vascular type on the renal imaging studies if it was there. Is that right?

Has glucosamine helped anyone with EDS? Even with just the pain?

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