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Repeat Of Migraine/headache Drug Suggestion

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I have been through ALL of the forum posts and my personal messages so it must have been a personal email of which I've been having trouble with on my mobile phone being deleted automatically.

Someone asked me if I had tried ? or ? for my migraines, headaches. They said they may even be the same thing. They had no success from meds like imitrex because of heartrate going up and this did NOT do that.

Any info on what I am talking about would be greatly appreciated. I was going to call my Doctor today to get other things started as no success with anything now.

Sorry for the repeat info. I do have my phone fixed now so hopefully won't happen again.

Thank you so much!


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Lesley, sorry you haven't had an answer. I don't know which post it could have been but the only thing I've been able to tolerate is Neurontin/Gabapentin. Lately I've been having a problem with it. It seems I've become allergic to something in the capsule so I take it out of the capsule & put it in food. Hope you find something that helps.

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I used to take Imitrex, but I actually have better luck with Midrin. It's an old, cheap remedy that's a combo pain reliever, vasoconstrictor and slight sedative.

I have no idea if that's what someone recommended, but that is an alternative for migraine headaches. If I take it right away when I notice an aura, I often avoid the headache all together, which is AWESOME.

I've always been thankful that I get auras for that reason! :)

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My neurologist (and dysautonomia specialist) recommended magnesium and calcium twice a day for a preventative and naproxen and phenergen for a treatment. Phenergen is an anti-nausea med, but evidently helps for migraines too. I used to take midrin because it worked so well, but she had me discontinue it because it was causing rebound migraines (I was getting 3 or 4 a week). Sure enough when I discontinued midrin I got migraines less frequently. Hope you find the info you are looking for.

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