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Epo Shot / Procrit

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We looked into Procrit before but it's so expensive. Is Erythropoietin the same thing? I'm totally confused and this is probably a dumb question. I'm also very nervous about taking this medication. Also insurance may not even pay for it so who knows. I just want to feel better. I read that it works in 80% of patients but then later on does not help with heart rate.. if you've taken it, please share your experiences!! I'm at the end of my rope with all of this :)

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From what I understand, the two medicines do the same thing, but they are different brands. Someone please clarify if I'm misinformed, but I did research a while back.

It's not covered for me...and it's off-label use for POTS from what I've been told (in the States, anyway)...so I haven't used it. It's just far too $$$ when it works for some and not others and has some serious side effects.

I'd like more info from people who have used/are using it, too.

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